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level: Articles with clothing

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Articles with clothing

the beltel cinturón
the blouseLa blusa
The bootsLas botas
The capLa gorra
the cardiganEl cardigan
The coatEl abrigo
The dressEl vestido
the GlovesLos guantes
The hatEl sombrero
The jacketLa chaqueta
The jeansLos vaqueros
The jumperEl suéter
The mini-skirtLa mini-falda
OverallsEl overol
The overcoatEl abrigo
The pajamasEl pijama
The pantsLos pantalones
The pantyhoseLas pantimedias
The raincoatEl impermeable
The scarfla bufanda
The shirtLa camisa
The shoesLos zapatos
The shortslos pantoles cortos
The skirtLa falda
The slippersLas zapatillas
The stockingsLas medias
The suitEl traje
SweatshirtLa sudadera
the SweaterEl suéter
The t-shirtLa camiseta
The tieLa corbata
The trousersLos pantalones
The underclothesLa ropa interior
The underpantsLos calzoncillos
The undershirtLa camiseta
The vestEl chaleco