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Algorithmic ELearning

Benefits of Algorithmic Learning Applications The rapid proliferation of information technology makes eLearning an invaluable learning tool in modern-day learning systems. It broadens a learners scope of knowledge and experience whether they are using it during personal study or in a classroom setting.

The Technology behind Memory

In this blog, we will detail information on the technology we use, why we chose it and how it will benefit you in your online studying.

Mastery learning - Improve Competencies

Mastery Learning: A Brief Guide Mastery learning is an educational strategy pioneered in 1968 by Benjamin Bloom at Chicago University. In its early days, the system would involve 1-to-1 tutoring sessions between a teacher and a student so that more time and explanations could be provided on points where the student was struggling.

M-Learning - The Difference

The dawn of the mobile revolution has brought about major changes in today’s society. This is especially so in the education sector. The dissemination of tutelage content has been made more efficient and convenient.