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Memory offers an online spaced repetition system accessible from both desktop and mobile. It allows you to quickly create courses, share with others on the web, challenge yourself by competing publicly, and study with various modes - from flashcards, typing, to speaking and multiple choice.

Many of our users are Anki users who wish to have an easily accessible online platform where they can create and share flashcards and courses with others. We aim to make our courses as portable as possible in and out of Anki.

Both systems are based on spaced repetition learning and long term learning - which is especially useful for not only acquiring new knowledge but also continually practicing and staying up to date - especially for language learning.

Memory benefits

  • Intelligent typing mode - accurately predicts if you are correct or close
  • Audio - multiple speaker voices for all languages
  • Speaking mode - let our advanced speech detection (powered by Google Speech Recognition) decide if your pronunciation is accurate or not in your target language
  • Multiple choice - intelligently creates answer sets for your questions
  • Custom mode: Disable / enable modes as you see fit to suit your learning experience
  • Fully configurable: You can adjust your own algorithm and practice intervals, and also configure modes such as smart where answer and question types are intelligently rotated

Memory is designed to be an easy to use spaced repetition system which not only offers flashcards and typing modes but - with its Smart mode - intelligently delivers more modes like speaking, multiple choice and gaps. If you're an Anki user, try Memory by easily importing your course with bulk import.