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Memory has two fundamental principles: Learn mode, and practice mode

Learn mode should be used to learn new questions, practice mode should be used to keep up to date. Read more below:


  • When you start a course, you should first use a 'learn' mode - this helps us determine your familiarity with the questions
  • When you answer them correctly, they will become available for 'practice'
  • Each time you answer a question, whether it is in practice mode, learn mode, and in either of the available options for learning (Typing, Flashcards etc), it will be assigned a 'practice due' time & date.
  • When the time is due, your 'questions-due' count will increment, you will see this in the navigation pane and also on the due button at the bottom
  • Keen? Cramming for an exam? We recommend you visit the notifications page to set up a reminder for when you have questions due - you can have this sent to your mobile and specify when and how often you wish to receive it


  • When you've become familiar with questions in learn mode, they will be available to practice
  • Each time you answer them in practice mode, they will be assigned a new practice-due date
  • Come back to answer them whenever they are due - our system aims to optimise you to learn with maximum Memory retention with miminal workload
  • You don't have to learn them all at once - you can return to learn mode to add more questions as you increasingly become comfortable with the words
  • Once you've learned all questions (in learn mode) in a course, you only need to use practice mode to keep up to date


The following modes are available for study:
*Note that some modes are only available for language courses or courses with image, and also depending on the modes designated by the course creator.

Please visit the Supported languages section to see which learning modes are supported in your language learning quest.


Flashcards are a good way to learn fast. Test and improve your knowledge by reading the front of the card, deciding what the answer is in your head (or say it aloud as some users do) and flip the card and tell us if you were correct or not. The more often you get them correct, the less you will need to see them.


Smart mode is a combination of all modes which are intelligently rotated based on your learning ability. If you are not sure where to start, try smart mode. Smart mode initially starts off with easy modes such as typing and will advance to more difficult modes such as typing and speaking as you learn questions.


Practice mode is used to revise the questions you have already learned. Every time you answer a question, our system marks a date for reviewal depending on your performance. When questions are due for practice, your dashboard will show you all due questions.
Requirement: You must have questions due for reviewal


Select precisely how you wish to learn: Choose your question type, answer type, languages and which way around you wish to answer the question. Manual learning mode gives you full control over your practice experience.
Requirement: Manual mode is only available if the course owner has enabled it.

Weighted Custom

Weighted custom mode allows you to choose any balance of modes. Drag the sliders to set the frequency that you wish to see each mode. Custom mode lets you learn exactly how you want. To get started, select custom mode, choose User Settings, click advanced, and adjust the sliders for question times.


Multiple choice is a good way to learn and practice fast. The answers are intelligently generated based on the topics of your course and its content. Simply select the correct answer to learn and test your memory.
Requirement: Multiple choice is available to all types of questions.


Typing mode is a great method to learn rapidly. From our research, by typing words, you will remember them faster than using multiple choice alone
Requirement: Typing modes work for all questions that have 5 words or less in English only courses, but for all questions in language courses to help you practice long sentences

Test / Exam

Test / exam mode enables you to test your progress. Questions will be asked, but you will not find out if you got them correct or not until the end, at which point you will get a summary card showing your progress. Repeat tests regularly to see your performance improve with time.
Requirement: Exam / test mode requires at least 100 questions in a course to be available.


Listening mode is great for practicing your listening ability and speed to translate answers. Listen to the audio and select or type the correct answer. For language courses only.
Requirement: Listening is available for language courses only or for courses with audio explicitly set


Speaking mode is to help your pronunciation and memory recall. With dictate, you should say what you read and hear. With translate you must read the phrase in your own language, then say the answer aloud in the opposite language.
Requirement: Speaking is available for language courses only.

Speaking & Listening

This mode is a combination of speaking and listening, and will allow you to practice both in rotation.
Requirement: Language courses only or courses with audio


Gaps mode automatically extracts keywords such as nouns, verbs and adjectives from your questions. You are then asked to fill in the gaps in the sentences from an appropriate word bank. This tests and improves your vocabulary retention.
Requirement: Fill in the gaps mode is suited to courses with longer sentences where it is able to identify nouns, verbs of other keywords to be replaced.