Credits are earned by progressing through courses, passing levels and completing categories. Use them here.

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You have 20 virtual credits to spend.

Earn more credits by completing new levels and keeping your practice up to date. Spend them here to enhance your learning journey.

Note: There is no real world charge for credits - they are awarded by completing levels only. Memory is a free application.


Buy an extra hint to aid you in your quest for mastery. Hints also allow you to rotate the question type in Smart or Custom mod

Cost: 1

Hints owned: 0

5 hints

Buy a pack of 5 hints at a reduced cost

Cost: 4

Hints owned: 0

Streak repair

Missed a day? Lost your streak of consecutive days? Visit this item to see which missed days you can restore.

Cost: Visit page

XP Boost for 24 hours

Feeling keen? Dominate the leaderboard by activating this to increase your XP earnings by 30% for the next 24 hours.

Cost: 20

Course Boost - 3 Days

Boost your course's ranking on the course page for 3 days to increase its visibility - Public courses only

Cost: 300

It will not be visible to anyone that your course is boosted, but it will appear in the first few pages of the course screen.


Retry a question straight after if you get it wrong. Either click retry on the answer screen, or the back button on the toolbel

Cost: 2

Retries owned: 0

Swap Question and Answer mid round

Swap the question and answer mid session without restarting

Cost: 5

QA Swaps owned: 0

Question Type Swaps

Reload same question in a different question type (smart/custom mode only)

Cost: 2

Question type swaps owned: 0