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Owned By YouExam TitleDescriptionCourse NameBase languageLearning languageRatingModeQuestionsUsers PlayedExams CompletedTime Limit
Family - 5 QuestionsBasic exam, multiple choice - Try it outBeginners SpanishEnglishSpanish
multiple51071371 minute
Countries in SpanishShort exam with 14 questions - multiple choiceBeginners SpanishEnglishSpanish
multiple1455675 minutes
multiple20283230 minutes
ACAD - 5k - Listening D1 - D3ACAD - 5k - Listening D1 - D3Academia Sofía English-Spanish - ListeningEnglishEnglish
listening75163835 minutes
Spanish Adjectives testTest your knowledge for 44 Spanish AdjectivesBeginners SpanishEnglishSpanish
multiple4420237 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - 5k - Listening D4 - D6ACAD - 5k - Listening D4 - D6Academia Sofía English-Spanish - ListeningEnglishEnglish-listening109132540 minutes
ACAD - 5k - Listening D7 - D10ACAD - 5k - Listening D7 - D10Academia Sofía English-Spanish - ListeningEnglishEnglish-listening127122440 minutes
Unit 1Exam of Unit 1Mi Mundo en Otra LenguaSpanishEnglish
Speaking testQuick speaking test Beginners SpanishEnglishSpanish
ACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D195K - Vocabulary Test D1-D19 - P1Academia Sofía English-Spanish - VocabularySpanishEnglish-multiple38411151 hour
ACAD - 5k - Listening D15 - D18ACAD - 5k - Listening D15 - D18Academia Sofía English-Spanish - ListeningEnglishEnglish-listening9981355 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - 5k - Listening D11 - D14ACAD - 5k - Listening D11 - D14Academia Sofía English-Spanish - ListeningEnglishEnglish-listening12691055 minutes, 30 seconds
Spanish Colors: 30 second testSee how many colours you can get correct in 30 seconds - You won't be able to do them allColours in SpanishEnglishSpanish-multiple2271130 seconds
Reading B IILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple214105 minutes
Jobs and occupationvocabularyMi Mundo en Otra LenguaSpanishEnglish-multiple33665 minutes
ACAD - Examen Lia y XavierACAD - Examen Vocabulario Lia y XavierAcademia Sofía English-Spanish - VocabularySpanishEnglish-multiple1083942 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading C IILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21553 minutes
Reading A IVto check vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21385 minutes
Reading A IIto check vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21465 minutes
Reading B IIILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple10464 minutes
Reading C ILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20463 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading A IIIto check vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20375 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading E ILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20453 minutes
Reading A ITo test vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple17365 minutes, 30 seconds
Test passage 2 & 3MUAHAHAHAIELTS vocals (1)EnglishEnglish
multiple502825 minutes
15p exam learn and playENGLISH 11EnglishEnglish
multiple18445 minutes
REading B ILearning vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple19445 minutes
Reading C IIILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21443 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D6 SP-ENACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D6 SP-ENAcademia Sofía English-Spanish - VocabularySpanishEnglish-multiple1423541 minutes
ACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D6 EN-SPACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D6 EN-SPAcademia Sofía English-Spanish - VocabularyEnglishSpanish-multiple1423445 minutes, 30 seconds
Exploring Creation With Science Module 7Exploring Creation With Science Module 7Exploring Creation with Science Module #7EnglishEnglish
typing15257 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading A Vto check vocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple183310 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D10ACAD - 5K - Vocabulary Test D1-D10Academia Sofía English-Spanish - VocabularySpanishEnglish-multiple2163350 minutes
Reading G ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21335 minutes
Mathemticsfor papersMathematics Chapter 12EnglishEnglish-typing162430 minutes
Listening HobbiesLearning VocListening 1200 words for IELTSEnglishEnglish-listening242310 minutes
ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P2ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P2ACAD - TOEFL - LISTENINGEnglishEnglish-listening992350 minutes
Exam for all Korean coloursNo time limitKorean ColoursEnglishKorean-multiple2322Disabled
Lots of animals - typing test, no time limitTry to remember to add the determinerBeginners SpanishEnglishSpanish
Unit 3Body, sports and abilitiesMi Mundo en Otra LenguaSpanishEnglish
Life-Saving SignalswooooSignalsEnglishEnglish
multiple20221 hour
Verbs to have: Complete the sentenceComplete the sentence for simple Spanish phrases for the verb tenerBeginners SpanishEnglishSpanish-gaps21225 minutes
Reading E IIILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple29223 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading F ILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25223 minutes, 30 seconds
Reading F IILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple23223 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD Examen Chino HSK1ACAD - Examen Chino HSK1 todoAcademia Sofia - CHINO - ListeningEnglishChinese-listening230221 hour
ACAD Examen Chino HSK1ACAD - Examen Chino HSK1 ACAD - Examen Chino HSK1Academia Sofía HSKSpanishChinese-listening308221 hour
ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P1ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P1ACAD - TOEFL - LISTENINGEnglishEnglish-listening992252 minutes, 30 seconds
TRIAL EXAM MULTIPLE CHOICEThis is for trial of reviewing memorizing vocabulary MEETING 1: DAILY ACTIVITY & EXPRESSIONSMEETING 1: DAILY ACTIVITY 1 & EXPRESSIONSIndonesianEnglish
multiple50225 minutes
ACAD - Canción - La luna representa mi corazónACAD - Canción - La luna representa mi corazónAcademia Sofía HSKSpanishChinese-listening1042230 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - HSK1 - 句子ACAD - HSK1 - 句子Academia Sofía HSKSpanishChinese-listening1572241 minutes
A&P II Practice Practical 21234A&PII LabEnglishEnglish-typing682220 minutes, 30 seconds
Exploring Creation With Science Module #8Exploring Creation With Science Module #8Exploring Creation With Science Module #8EnglishEnglish
multiple15134 minutes
Unit 2Unit 2 examMi Mundo en Otra LenguaSpanishEnglish-multiple12312Disabled
TOYSChoose the correct optionKinder_ESL_KAAEnglishEnglish-multiple1012Disabled
Reading D ILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple30123 minutes, 30 seconds
Latinski riječiLatinske riječi koje moramo svi znatiLatinski (riječi)CroatianCroatian-multiple5411Disabled
Colors in German - typing testNo time limit, all colorsColours in GermanEnglishGerman-typing2311Disabled
Ispit Moodle - aktivnostiProbni examMoodle - AktivnostiCroatianCroatian-multiple67116 minutes, 30 seconds
RSEE InsectsRSEEEnglishEnglish-typing39111 hour
German Colors - Multiple Choice3 minutes to answer 23 German colors in multiple choiceColours in GermanEnglishGerman-multiple23113 minutes
denemedenemegoethe prüfüngTurkishGerman-multiple11115 minutes
TOYS 2Choose the correct answerKinder_ESL_KAAEnglishEnglish-multiple11115 minutes
Chapter 8 (romaji) ExamChapter 8 (romaji) ExamJPD - Vocabulary (Japanese - English)EnglishJapanese-typing84117 minutes
Chapter 9 (romaji)Chapter 9 (romaji)JPD - Vocabulary (Japanese - English)EnglishJapanese-typing681120 minutes, 30 seconds
Chapter 10 (romaji)Chapter 10 (romaji)JPD - Vocabulary (Japanese - English)EnglishJapanese-typing601119 minutes
Chapter 11 (romaji)Chapter 11 (romaji)JPD - Vocabulary (Japanese - English)EnglishJapanese-typing361120 minutes, 30 seconds
Speaking 1.16-.120Speaking 1.16-.120 - L1English ExpressionsEnglishVietnamese-multiple49116 minutes
Reading D IILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple31114 minutes
MEMORIZING DAY 1Reporting your memorized vocabularyMEETING 1: DAILY ACTIVITY 1 & EXPRESSIONSIndonesianEnglish-typing501125 minutes
ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P3ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P3ACAD - TOEFL - LISTENINGEnglishEnglish-listening1001150 minutes
ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P4ACAD - TOEFL Listening Test P4ACAD - TOEFL - LISTENINGEnglishEnglish-listening701145 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P02ACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P02Academia Sofía HSKSpanishChinese-listening278111 hour
ACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P03ACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P03Academia Sofía HSKSpanishChinese-listening301111 hour
ACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P04 SP-CHACAD - HSK1 - 句子 - P04 SP-CHAcademia Sofía HSKChineseSpanish-multiple301111 hour
Practical II Practice Test43 Seconds per question (Same as practical)A&PII LabEnglishEnglish-typing681150 minutes, 30 seconds
ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P1ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P1Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesSpanishChinese-multiple199111 hour
ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P2ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P2Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesSpanishChinese-multiple255111 hour
ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P3ACAD - Spanish - Chinese - 句子 - P3Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesSpanishChinese-multiple1031145 minutes
ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P4ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P4Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesChineseSpanish-multiple199111 hour
ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P5ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P5Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesChineseSpanish-multiple255111 hour
ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P6ACAD - Chinese-Spanish - 句子 - P6Academia Sofia - CHINO - SentencesChineseSpanish-multiple1031150 minutes
ACAD - English-Chinese - Pinyin - P1ACAD - English-Chinese - Pinyin - P1Academia Sofia - CHINO - ListeningChineseEnglish-multiple230111 hour
i want toi want toPSE 1. want toKoreanEnglish-speaking100005 minutes
Domestic levels final exam 1Do you know all Domestic codes?American Airlines Domestic and International airport codesEnglishEnglish-typing24006 minutes
International codes Final exam 1do you know all International codes?American Airlines Domestic and International airport codesEnglishEnglish-typing26006 minutes, 30 seconds
Full Isshinryu TestA Fifteen minute brush up on Basics, Japanese Terms, History, and the 8 principles of IsshinryuIsshinryu TestingEnglishEnglish-multiple690015 minutes
Level 1 Isshinryu Test (History)Ten minutes to review your history knowledgeIsshinryu TestingEnglishEnglish-multiple320010 minutes
Level 2 Isshinryu Test (Terminology)Ten minutes to go over Basics and Japanese TerminologyIsshinryu TestingEnglishEnglish-multiple370010 minutes
Pra Ujian Bahasa Melayu : Kesalahan ejaan Sila jawab semua soalan dengan menaipkan jawapan yang betul. Peruntukan masa menjawab bagi setiap soalan adalah selama 5 minit. SISTEM BAHASA MELAYU : KESALAHAN EJAANMalayMalay-typing50005 minutes, 30 seconds
Test ChineseTest ChineseBasico-Hanzi-PinyinChineseChinese-multiple196001 hour
TOYS 1Listen and writeKinder_ESL_KAAEnglishEnglish-typing11001 hour
Reading D IIILearning VocIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple18004 minutes
BacteMuniBacteriologyEnglishEnglish-typing150016 minutes
chapter 19 quiz quiz yourself on chapter 19 and see what you get wrong at the end. You have 1 hour to answer as many as you can correctly!Chapter 19EnglishEnglish-multiple200001 hour
TestTest VocabularyRevision de Vocabulario Chino Hanzi-PinyinChineseChinese-multiple10000Disabled
Reading H ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple27005 minutes
Reading I (I)LearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21005 minutes
Reading I (II)LearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21005 minutes
Reading I (III)LearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple26005 minutes
Reading K ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple7002 minutes
Reading L (I)Learning IELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple17005 minutes
Reading L (II)LearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple14005 minutes
Reading M ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20005 minutes
Reading M IILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20005 minutes
Reading N ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25005 minutes
Reading O ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple26005 minutes
Reading P ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple22005 minutes
Reading P IILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple22005 minutes
Reading P IIILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25005 minutes
Reading Q ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple5005 minutes
Reading R ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple22005 minutes
Reading R IILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple21005 minutes
Reading R IIILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple20005 minutes
Reading S ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25005 minutes
Reading S IILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25005 minutes
Reading S IIILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple28005 minutes
Reading T ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple24005 minutes
Reading T IILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple25005 minutes
Reading U ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple29005 minutes
Reading V (I)LearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple8005 minutes
Reading W ILearningIELTS REading wordsEnglishEnglish-multiple23005 minutes
ACAD - Spanish-Chinese - SeleccionACAD - Spanish-Chinese - SeleccionAcademia Sofía HSKChineseSpanish-multiple450052 minutes