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Creating your own course allows you to upload your questions and answers and use the Memory learning system to help you progress.

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Create a course or flashcard set

Simply fill in the title, set your language then add your questions. (Login required)

How It Works

Select languages
Choose your language pairs - For learning languages, select the language you are learning and your own language. For courses in your own language, select your own language

Enter your terms and definitions
Import from another site or spreadsheet, or manually enter your terms to create the course
Tip: Optionally, add images and your own audio

Learn & Study
Visit the course dashboard, choose a learn mode and start studying your terms.
Tip: Once you've learned all your terms, you can use practice mode to stay up to date

Why Memory to create your online course?

Various Learning Modes

  • Create once, then learn in various modes:
    • Flashcards - 3 different flashcard modes: Swipe, click, or mark yourself from 1 - 5
    • Multiple choice - with intelligently suggested answers
    • Typing
    • Listening
    • Test / Exam
    • Speaking
    • Fill the gaps / complete the sentence
    • Practice - with spaced repetition
    • Smart - a blend of all modes
    • Manual - select precisely which question type and answer type you prefer
  • Auto listening and speaking modes for languages

Advanced Course Creation

  • A course can be either one simple straight level, or a full suite of chapters and levels
  • Manually enter questions, or use bulk import from a spreadsheet
  • Split your questions into different chapters and levels to enable you to practice the subjects in groups
  • Keep your content in one place:
    • Add multiple levels and chapters with routings
  • View advanced usage statistics of your course - for you and other users
  • Optionally, add variants (alternative answers) to your questions to allow different answers
  • Use OCR to photograph to extract text from your pages and automatically create questions without typing

Learn Languages

  • Memory is specifically geared towards online language learning
  • Over 70 supported languages
  • Supports learning in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and more
  • On screen keyboards - exactly as they are found in their original countries
  • Audio for all questions - in multiple different voices
  • Memory automatically categorises your questions by syntax and groups them into nouns, verbs, adjectives to allow you to focus on what you need to learn the most
  • Rapidly create language courses for self-study with automatic translation as you type
  • Intelligent question marking - typing mode detects missing diacritics, typos and
  • Add variants to answers - languages can be answered in many ways, and Memory knows what is likely to be correct
  • Speaking mode is available with Google voice recognition in nearly all languages

Learn Faster

  • Advanced learning algorithms with spaced repetition
  • Adaptive learning technology learns your strengths and weaknesses
  • Create custom exams to test your knowledge at any time - set your course to public to challenge others
  • Optionally, select the exact questions you wish to study by adding them to your starred sets
  • Power users (or Anki users) can customise their algorithm exactly as they choose

Images & Audio

  • Add optional images to questions and answers - either select or upload
  • Automatic audio for all terms and definitions in all supported languages
  • Select from multiple different voices at any time
  • Quick entry with automatic translations and autosuggest
  • Optionally, add rich graphical content with font formatting instead of plain text


  • Memory is free - All features included, and no subscription fees
  • Enter or import your material then study online without ads
  • No charge for classrooms - with unlimited users
  • Export your course at any time to CSV or Excel
  • Try learning your material with the Memory learning method - risk free

Sharing & Privacy Options

  • Public mode: Anyone can browse and use your course
  • Me only: No one else can find it on the course screen or view it even if they have the link
  • Unlisted: Your course is not findable from the courses screen. Only those with the link can find it
  • Password: Password protect your course so you can choose who you share it with
  • Classrooms & Folders: Add your course to a folders or classrooms to invite other users to your courses.

Print or use on Mobile

  • Autosync: Create on desktop, study online or on your mobile phone*
  • All Memory features are available on mobile (but desktop is recommended for course creation)
  • *Memory can't be found in Appstores, but you can easily add it as a homescreen app by using the 'Add to Homescreen' icon
  • Print out as a list or as printable flashcards (with images)