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Memory offers a completely free online system to help you study and prepare for your exams online. Like Quizlet, Memory offers various standard learning modes e.g. Flashcards, typing, listening, but also advanced modes such as smart and speaking. Memory is highly configurable and allows you to fine-tune your learning settings

Quizlet is one of the world's most popular commercial learning tools. Memory is a free alternative that offers many similar features such as folders and classrooms but is also suited to advanced users who are looking to fully configure their learning experience such as adjusting their learning algorithm

Memory differs from Quizlet by being especially geared towards long term learning. Memory uses spaced repetition algorithms, whilst Quizlet offers a number of AI-based learning modes depending on your needs. Whilst we believe Quizlet is easier to get started with and, by being more popular, you are likely to engage with other students in your area, once you get to grips with Memory you will find our configuration options, custom learning modes and unique visual presentation to offer a significantly more adjustable learning experience - not to mention, of course, that Memory is 100% free.

Quizlet provides many commercial learning resources. Memory does not offer this, and is designed more towards those wishing to self-study using a variety of different learning modes.