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also science

In English

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Dina Kamal

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what does the digestive system do

break down food into simpler molecules

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33 questions
What does the digestive system do
Break down food into simpler molecules
Where is glycogen
In the liver
What do fats provide
Fats provide energy and key building components
What are the two types of fats
Saturated and unsaturated
What are minerals and what do they help with
Inorganic materials that help to build or repair tissues
What are vitamins
Organic molecules that work with enzymes
What do vitamins do
They regulate cell functions, growth, development
What happens in the process of digestion
The digestive system breaks down food into energy cells. After digestion is complete,nutrients are absorbed and transported to all cells. Undigested materials are eliminated as liquid and solid wastes.
What is Peristaltic
It is the process of pushing food down the eophagus
Where does the digestion of carbs begin? using what
In the mouth, using saliva, amylase
Where does the digestion of fats and sugars begin?using what?
In the small intestine, using lipase and bile
Where does nutrients absorption take place? and how?
In the small intestine, using the villi, the villi absorbs nutrients using micro villis
What happens in the large intestine
Undigested food goes to the large intestine, and there, water is absorbed and undigested food go to the anus for the process of elimination
What are nutrients
Substamces organisms need to stay alive, develop, etc..
What are amino acids
What makes up protein
Why are proteins necessary
For growth and repair of the body's cells. and allows the body to function properly
Whats a monomer
Building block
What are the two types of carbs and where are they found
Simple, in sugars. and complex, in starch/bread
How much water does the human body need a day and why
2 liters a day, to replace fluids lost
What does metabolic mean
Reactions that happen in cells
Whats water
A universal solvent, for metabolic reactions
Types of food
Carbohydrates, protein, fibers, fats, vitamins, fruits+vegetables, minerals, and water