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American Gov . Pignato 3/9/20

American gov

In English
American Gov . Pignato 3/9/20

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james madison; september 17, 1787

author and date of the constitution

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26 questions
James madison; september 17, 1787
Author and date of the constitution
Separation of powers to reduce corruption
Be able to explain montesquieu's theory
To make laws
Explain the ultimate responsibility of the legislative branch
Two legislative houses
Define bicameral
The house of representatives is closer to the people
Be able to explain why taxation bills have to start in the house of representatives and not in the senate
Age for HOR
Age for senate
Length of citizenship HOR
Length of citizenship Senate
Number of ppl in HOR
Number of ppl in the senate
Mike pense vice president
Title of leader senate
2 years
Length of HOR term
6 years
Length of senate term
It needs 2/3rds a vote from each house (senate and hor)
Describe the process used to override a presidents veto
In committee
Explain where most bills die
2/3rds vote guilty of impeachment from each house
Explain the process of impeachment
1/3rd senate and entire hor
Midterm election (jus so uk)