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anatomy clavicle bone

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anatomy clavicle bone

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clavicle bone known as ......

colar bone

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26 questions
Features of colllar bone
Long bone , palpated along its length ,Slender bone with an S shape, with the medial aspect being convex, and the lateral aspect being concave
Sternal end of the clavicle features
A large facet < It articulates with the Sternum (Sternoclavicular joint) and 1st costal cartilage ,rough oval depression for the costoclavicular ligament
Acromial End features
Oval end , It articulates with the Acromion process of Scapula (Acromioclavicular joint
< What does tthis act as
Body shaft of the clavicle,, point of origin and attachment for several muscles
Identify the green part
Acromial facet of clavicle
Identify the green part
Groove for subclavius muscle
Identify the green part
Conoid tubercle of clavicle
What bony structures does the scapula articulate with?
Head of humerous and acromial facet of the clavicle
What is the function of the clavicle
It serves as a rigid support from which the scapula and free limb suspended; an arrangement that keeps the upper limb away from the thorax so that the arm has maximum range of movement. Acting as a flexible, crane-like strut, it allows the scapula to move freely on the thoracic wall. Covering the cervicoaxillary canal, it protects the neurovascular bundle that supplies the upper limb. Transmits physical impacts from the upper limb to the axial skeleton.
What is Shoulder girdle ?
Scapula and clavicle
What does damage to the suprascapular result in?
Suprascapular Nerve Injury Suprascapular nerve paralysis causes loss of motor innervation to the scapular musculature and leads to limb abduction at rest and circumduction of the affected limb during protraction