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BIO 101 Midterm

In English

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Sal Jimenez

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If a fellow student told you that he had an animal cell under the microscope, the presence of what would tell you that he was wrong?

Central Vacuole

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57 questions
A plant's central vacuole functions in
Storing water, sugars, and ions
Duplication of DNA occurs
During prophase 1.
Diploid Daughter cells are
Not a uniques feature of meiosis
The process of independant assortment refers to.
Whether sexual or asexual reproduction will occur
The purpose of meiosis I is
To separate sister chromatids.
Why is crossing over not possible in meiosis II?
Because homologous chromosomes are no longer in the same cell.
During metaphase
Chromosomes line up on the equatorial plane.
The spindle is
The network of protein cables that will pull the chromatids to opposite ends of the cell.