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Bio 102 Quiz #2 Review

In English
Bio 102 Quiz #2 Review

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In the case of complete dominance, if a plant has a ____ genotype for a particular trait, its phenotype will have the ____ trait.

heterozygous; dominant

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50 questions
Human Height
Polygenic Inheritance
A testcross is used to ____
Determine if a parent with a dominant trait is heterozygous or homozygous
Incomplete Dominance
When one allele cannot completely mask the effects of another allele
The genetic makeup of an organism
F1 Generation
The first generation of offspring from the cross of two true-breeding parents
Any organism with 2 different alleles of a gene
P Generation
True-breeding plants used in an initial cross
When one allele masks the effect of another
The allele that is expressed only if two identical copies are present
When a single allele has multiple phenotypic effects
When alleles at one locus mask the expression of alleles at a different locus
Polygenic inheritance
When different genes contribute to a particular phenotype
True breeding
When displayed traits are unchanged over multiple generations
An F1 heterozygote (for a single trait)
F2 generation
The result of a cross between two first-generation organisms
Any organism with 2 identical alleles of a gene
The likelihood of something occurring as a matter of chance
The physical traits of an organism
Where an allele is found on a chromosome