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Bio 102 Quiz #4 Review

In English

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Incredible Snipe

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Fossils are predominantly found in ____

sedimentary rocks

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38 questions
The potential seventh mass extinction refers to ____
The rapid loss of biodiversity due to human degradation of the environment
Postzygotic isolating mechanisms occur when the offspring ____
Inherit different developmental instructions from each parent
Two closely related species hybridize and form polyploid offspring
Phylogenetic species concept
Species comprise populations that share a recent evolutionary history on the Tree of Life
Local variants of a species that exhibit dramatic, easily recognized phenotypic differences
Biological species concept
Species are members of natural populations that interbreed and produce fertile offspring
Chromosome duplications within a single species give rise to polyploid individuals
Morphological species concept
All individuals of a species share measurable traits that distinguish them other species,
Species cluster
A group of closely related species recently descended from a common ancestor
Ecological isolation
Species live in different habitats
Temporal isolation
Species breed at different times
Behavioral isolation
Species cannot communicate
Mechanical isolation
Species cannot physically mate
Gametic isolation
Species have nonmatching receptors on gametes
Hybrid inviability
Hybrid offspring do not complete development
Hybrid sterility
Hybrid offspring cannot produce gametes
Hybrid breakdown
Hybrid offspring have reduced survival or fertility