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Biology with Lab for Non-Majors

In English


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name the parts of an atom

protons, neutrons and electrons

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49 questions
Name the parts of an atom
Protons, neutrons and electrons
Describe the ionic bond
When atoms give/take electrons
Example of a compound that has an ionic bond and how it's formed
Sodium chloride (NaCl)// give or take electrons
Covalent bond formation
Sharing a pair of electrons
Polar covalent bond
Uneven sharing of electrons
Hydrogen bond between polar molecules
Attraction between weak molecules
PH scale
0-7-14// 0-7 acidic//7 nuetral//7-14 basic
What are organic compounds
Carbon and hydrogen
All organic
Carbohydrates, lipids, NA,proteins
Function of lipid
Energy// more than carbs
What is cell nucleus
Control center
What is chromatin
Genetic material
Function of nucleolus
Makes ribosomes
Ribosomes form and importance?
Nucleolus//site of protein synthesis
Compare vesicles
Come from golgi
Plant cell wall
A protective envelope
Green organelle
Comp of cell membrane
Phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins
3 major functions of cell membrane proteins
What is osmosis
Diffusion of water
Compare facilitated diffusion and simple diffusion
Facilitated needs transporter//simple does'nt
Microtubules- large fibers//microfilaments-small fibers