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a mess of cells that grows independently of the rest of the body


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50 questions
Bleeding in the brain
Cerebral hemorrhage
Lead poisoning
Crack pots
Simplex and complex
Two types of partial epilepsies
Petit mal and grand mal
Two types of generalized epilepsies
Primary symptoms of epilepsy
Their own brain dysfunction
Cause of epileptics to have seizures
Motor seizures
Convulsion seizures
Genes, spiked temperature, and brain damage
3 causes of convulsion seizures
Involves the whole brain
Generalized epilepsy
Motor and sensory
Symptoms of partial-simplex seizure
Temporal lobe
Location of complex seizures
Loss of consciousness and equilibrium
Symptoms of a grand mal seizure
Nerofibrility tangles and amyloid plaques
Must see this to diagnose alzheimer's
Experimentally induced seizure activity
Kindling model of epilepsy
Mice producing human amyloid
Transgenic mouse model of alzheimer's