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Emma Crowe

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Once it has more than 5 employees.

When must an organisation have a Health and Safety Policy?

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118 questions
Once it has more than 5 employees.
When must an organisation have a Health and Safety Policy?
Before the task
When should you do a risk assessment?
Evaluating Risk
Work cannot be carried out until more safety controls are in place
If risk from hazard is rated high what happens?
3 years
How long must a risk assessment be held?
The life of medicines
QA is process orientated and QC is product orientated
Whats the difference between QA and QC
Absolute Error
(X-Xt/Xt) x 100%
Relative Error
Sampling at given intervals
Systematic sampling
Variance Equation
(standard deviation/mean) x 100%
Relative Standard Deviation
6.023 x 10^23 atoms or molecules
Mole (avogrados constant)
Mass of substance/RFM
Number of moles =
Increases solubility
Increasing temp
Sigma bonding and anti sigma bonding
- Reflect - Transmit - Absorb
How does matter interact with electromagnetic radiation?
Typical Spectormeter
The lower the wavelength of light absorbed
The larger the energy jump...
200nm - 800nm (1.5eV - 6.2eV)
What range does an absorption spectrometer work?