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Certified Beer Server Exa,

In English
Certified Beer Server Exa,

Created by:
Jamie Facenda

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i. Brewers and importers sell to wholesalers ii. Wholesalers sell to both on- and off-premises retailers iii. On- and off-premises retailers sell to consumers Exceptions i. Brewpubs that both brew and retail to consumers ii. Breweries that brew and sell directly to retailers or consumer

Three Tiered System & Exceptions

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144 questions
77 degrees
What is the limit for storage temp?
38 degrees and should be cooled 24 hours before use
Standard temp and storage for a keg?
Every 14 days
How often does draft system need to be cleaned?
Size, shape, brand
3 ways to select glassware
43 degrees or less
Ideal temperature to store beer?
Belgium/France Trappist/Abbey Ales
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
England Pale Ale
Ordinary Bitter
England Pale Ale
Strong Bitter
England Pale Ale
British Golden Ale
England Dark Ale
London Brown Ale
England Dark Ale
English Porter
England Dark Ale
Tropical Stout
England Dark Ale
Foreign Extra Stout
England Strong Ale
British Strong Ale
England Strong Ale
English Barleywine
Germany Pale Lager
German Leichtbier
Germany Pale Lager
German Helles Exportbier
Germany Amber Lager
Czech Amber Lager
Germany Dark Lager
Czech Dark Lager
Germany Dark Lager
Munich Dunkel
Germany Bock
Dunkles Bock
Germany Ale- Wheat Beer
Dunkles Weissbier
US Pale Lager
American Lager
US Specialty IPA
Belgian IPA
US Specialty IPA
Session IPA