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Chapter 1

In English

Created by:
Tyresha Warren

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What is Holistic Health Care

an all-inclusive approach to health care (physical, spiritual, emotional, social, economical)

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45 questions
What is Holistic Health Care
An all-inclusive approach to health care (physical, spiritual, emotional, social, economical)
What is wellness-illness continuum?
The range of a persons total health
What is the health care system?
A network of providers, agencies, facility, and providers involved in healthcare in a specified geographic area
Define illness
Abnormal process in which aspects of social, emotional, or intellectual condition and function of a person are diminished or impaired
What did Florence Nightingale change in 1860
Reformed nursing from occupation to profession by establishing a nursing school in London
What is the Nightingale Plan
Nursing education of the 20th century which was formed by Florence nightingale which included formal traning and education (training lasted 1 year and complete records were kept on each student progress and place of employment)
Define Licensure?
Granting of permission by the overseeing authorities to engage in practice or activity that would otherwise be illegal.
What is IMO?
Institute Of Medicine
Define accreditation
A higher standard that signifies the accrediting organization has judged that a program has met its preestablished criteria
Define portfolio
Organized account of education and professional accomplishments
Define wellness
State of health when a individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning( a balance between internal and external environment)
What is manslow's hierarchy?
An attempt to meet essential human needs such as psychological, safety and security, love and belongingness, and esteem and self- acculiazation
Name three levels of health
Primary prevention, secondary prevention, tertiary prevention
Define primary prevention
Attempt to avoid disease through wellness activities and screening programs
Define secondary prevention
Recognizes diseases and attempt to reduce impact of the conditions by promoting health
Define tertiary preventions
Serious health problems seeking for a way to reduce further loss of function and improve quality of life
What is COCA!
Color, Odor, Consistency, Amount
What is ADPIE?
Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning and outcome identification, Implement, Evaluate
O2 sat range
Pain scale range?
0 no pain at all 10 being the worst pain you ever felt
What is PHI?
Protected Health Information
Who is Clara Barton?
Developer of the Red Cross (1821-1912)
Who is Linda Richards (1841-1930)
The first trained nurse in America.
Who is Lavina Dock?
Responsible with Robb for National League of Education
Who is Mary Eliza Mahoney (1845-1926)?
Graduated in 1879 becoming the First African American nurse, she fought for acceptance of African American nurses!
National Association of Practical Nurse Education
American Nurses Association
Manslows Hierarchy
Physiologic, Safety and Security, Love and Belongingness, Esteem, Self-Actualization
Crusader, mentally ill
Red Cross
Championed, Civil war
First trained, America