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Enzymes, channels, receptors, antibodies, hormones, transporters, and support the structure of the cell inside and out.

What can proteins act as

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55 questions
What is lost during a peptide bond?
The amino group is the first and the carboxyl group is the last.
What is the first terminus and the last terminus in a polypeptide chain?
Peptide bonds
Bonds in primary structure
The proper confirmation
The term for a completely proper way of folding a protein is...
The one in tertiary structure happens within itself whereas the one in quaternary happens between two different subunits.
What is the difference between the Disulfide bond in a tertiary structure and in a quaternary structure.
General formula for a Monosaccharide
Fructose, glucose, Ribose
Most common monosaccharide
Sucrose, Lactose, Maltose, and Cellobiose
Common disaccharides include
The fatty acid storage form
Because free fatty acids are very reactive chemicals.
Why is it important to store fatty acids as tryglycerides?
Fats and carbohydrates
Two energy storage units
Degree of saturation, cholesterol, tail length.
What determines the fluidity of the cell membrane?
Keeping the fluidity of the cell membrane at an optimum.
What's cholesterol's role in the membrane?
Because it does not contain any carbon.
Why is phosphoric acid inorganic?