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Consolidation of power ******

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How did the great depression affect the Weimar republic ?

US loans were called in 1930 German exports to the USA collapsed Unemployment rose to over 6 million

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Consolidation of power ****** - Details



42 questions
How did the great depression affect the Weimar republic ?
US loans were called in 1930 German exports to the USA collapsed Unemployment rose to over 6 million
How did the depression help the nazi's?
Hitler managed to have a solution to every problem, it made them look like the only solution The WG was weak Nazi's helped people get back to work Worried about the communists, so look to the nazis
What did the depression propaganda target?
Used every trick in the book Anti-communism posters, whipped up fear and hatred Stirred up violence during the elections
How did the industries help Hitler ?
He got financial backing from big business, this helped win elections and the Nazi's aimed to gain support from them.
How did Hitler use technology?
He used it for propaganda, using the radio and chartered planes fly over speeches, millions of posters.
What did Hitler promise to voters?
He promised jobs for the unemployed seeing as they all desperately needed jobs. They found this offer attractive which made them more likely to vote.
What did Hitler promise to voters?
They were promised profits. Farmers were promised high prices for products and shopkeepers were promised protection against competition.
What is meant by the Nazi party being flexible?
They were able to change their points and ideas when it became unpopular with the crowd. They realised that it didn't matter what you promised but if they trusted you. This gave them a full advantage when it came to attracting votes.
What is meant by Hitler the superman?
Hitler was presented as the superman, a strong leader which Germany wanted and needed. It made him look strong and goo d enough to lead the country.
What was negative cohesion?
This meant that you don't really vote for the Nazi's, you vote for them so you can be against everything else. They shared Nazi fear rather than ideals. It was a protest vote.
How did the threat of communism help?
Communist support rose, shop owners were scared and this meant that they were more likely to vote for the Nazi's
Why did the people depend of the Nazis?
They were scared of the collapse of the Weimar republic and how it was already failing with democracy. The Nazi's were talking about returning to dictatorship which was more traditional.
Who did Hindenburg appoint instead of Hitler and why?
Von Papen, he hates Hitler but he hopes that Hitler supports him. he doesn't so there is another election.
What did they offer for Hitler being chancellor?
Von Papen would be vice chancellor, but Hindenburg refuses
What happens on the 28th of January 1933?
Schleicher (chancellor) resigns
What and when was the scheming of Von Papen?
30th Janurary 1933, Von Papen doesn't want to be chancellor again, he tells Hindenburg that it would be okay if Hitler was chancellor seeing as there were only a small number of Nazi's in the cabinet.
How did the treatment of their opponents help Hitler get appointed chancellor?
Hitler used the SA violence to intimidate people to vote and silence those who didn't. Sent the SA after the communists and social democrats. Blackmailed, threatened and fired people if they didn't vote for them. Their anti-sematic ideas also got them votes.
How did the weakness of the Weimar republic help Hitler get appointed chancellor?
Article 48 allowed people to abuse the power, making the democracy weaker. People didn't trust the governement. 'Stab in the back myth' and they think the government hasn't done anything to help.
How did failure to cooperate help Hitler get appointed chancellor?
Parties wouldn't cooperate with each other in the Reichstag, this made it hard for them to make decisions and this made the Reichstag useless.
How did the treaty of versailles help Hitler get appointed chancellor?
Everyone hated the Treaty and Hitler made a promise to reverse the treaty and that made him gain immense amount of support.
How did the memories of 1920's help Hitler get appointed chancellor?
It reminded people of violence and the depression, meanwhile Hitler was there setting up youth campaigns and looked like the perfect person to lead.
When was the Reichstag Fire?
27th of February 1933
What was the Reichstag fire?
An arson attack on the Reichstag, they found a young communist in there that admitted to starting the fire. But many people think that it was ohestrated by the Nazi's
Why did the Reichstag fire help Hitler?
Used it as an excuse that communists where against the government. This allowed him to pass an emergency law restriction which basically banned freedom of speech and freedom of press.
What did Hitler do the Centre party (catholic) and how did that help?
Hitler guaranteed rights for them, only if they stayed out of politics. They agreed and supported the Nazi party.
What was the enabling act?
It was a law that allowed Hitler to pass laws and make laws without the Reichstag and the president
What did the enabling act for Hitler?
This would allow him to introduce the Nazi dictatorship and allowed him to ban other parties etc.
What was the Nazi revolution?
6 months of rapid change after the enabling act. Opposition politicians were arrested and imprisoned. Enemies could be executed SA could search homes Nazi's watched over ballot votes
What was may day?
A paid holiday with celebrations to honor German workers. 1st May 1933
What did Hitler do on May day?
Made a new German labor front (DAF), making it the only organisation to represent workers. Helped Hitler with the uprising.
What was the law about new parties?
Laws were passed, banning the forming of new parties. Germany became a one party state, the Nazi's being the only political party
What happened on the night of the long knives?
Hitler and his army Ernest Rohm (leader of SA) and the SA, with some other oppositions and were killed. Over 500 people were killed
How did Hitler convince to help him kill the SA?
Had 'edvidnce' that said that the SA and Ernest Rohm were looking to throw over Hitler and plan a putsch.
Why did Hitler want to get rid of the SA and Rohm?
They wanted to replace the German army, but Hitler didn't want that seeing as the German army was more loyal to him. He feared they were going to be too powerful.
What did the night of the long knives do for Hitler?
It allowed Hitler to get rid of one of the last potential threats that he thought would like to get rid of him.
What did the night of the long knives result to for Hitler?
It meant that the Nazi's were so scary and powerful no one wanted to cross them. And all potential obstacles to stop Hitler were removed, he only needed to wait for Hindenburg.
What did Hindenburg dying allow Hitler to do?
Allowed him to have absolute power of Germany, he took over a Fuhrer and the entire army swore oath to him.
What did the Army swear to Hitler on the night of Hindenburg's death?
To stay out of politics and back up Hitler and serve him. This meant that Hitler had the whole army on his side, making him have a lot of military power.