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Immediately flood the exposed area with water.

What is the FIRST step if you get blood or other potentially infectious materials in your eyes, nose, mouth, or on broken skin?

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41 questions
Immediately flood the exposed area with water.
What is the FIRST step if you get blood or other potentially infectious materials in your eyes, nose, mouth, or on broken skin?
Plantar Warts.
Which of the following is a common viral infection seen in salons and resembles small black dots, usually in clustered groups?
Wet, lather, scrub, rinse, dry.
Which is the proper way to wash hands?
Which disinfectant is appropriate for stopping the take over of the host cell's reproductive function?
Which procedure would prepare implements that may have accidentally been exposed to blood or body fluid?
Plain Manicure
Which service do you not need gloves for?
Should you discard all disposable contaminated materials in the nearest trashcan when handling a exposure incident?
First Degree Burn.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a wax burn with some redness and irritation, but no blistering?
Is it against Federal Law to use an EPA product contrary to the label?
Sanitizing the surface.
What is the lowest level of decontamination?
Is algaecide a antimicrobial pesticide?
Underwriters Laboratories (UL on plug tags)
Which Company certifies the safety of pedicure chairs and hair dryers?
Which should be used to treat an allergy of the skin?
Universal Precautions
Where do the guidelines for human blood and body fluids come from?
How many bones does the human head have?
Keep it straight.
Which precaution should be taken to prevent injuries to the wrist?
Integumentary System
Which body system gives us our natural protective covering?
What is the ingredient in shampoo that attracts oily dirt in hair and wash it away?
Anagen, Telogen, Catagen.
What are the 3 stages of hair growth in order?
Where would velds hair be found?
Fine Hair Texture.
Which of the following hair types has the smallest diameter and is more fragile?
Tinea Capitis
Which condition could be determined during a scalp evaluation on a client who has brittle hair and red papules, or spots at the opening of the hair follicles?
Deep conditioning treatments penetrate which layer of the hair?
Drape the client.
Which procedure must be done first for a shampoo service?
Hair flowing in the same direction.
What is a hair stream growth pattern?
Opposite of cut partings.
How do you cross check your haircut?
Understanding the effects of ____ will help create any desired shaping.
What conditioner should NOT be used on braids?
Croquignole Perm Wrap.
What is the term for a permanent wrap when it is wrapped from ends to scalp in overlapping layers?
Cold Wave.
Which permanent wave has a PH balance of 9.0-9.6
40 Volume.
Which volume developer should be used for a high lift color?
What are benign, keratin filled cysts that appear around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead?
Which type of hair removal uses a caustic alkali preparation?
What type of hair removal has an advantage of removing hair even if it is only 1/8th inch long?
What is the strongest nail wrap fabric?
9 Watt.
Which UV lamp are most common for nails?
Wear gloves.
Which precaution must be taken when applying exfoliating foot scrubs?
What part of the body does HPB (Hep B) affect?
Immerse burn in cold water.
What is the first step to take when you burn yourself?
In what year was OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard created?
What is the technical term for study of hair?