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Dark Ages People, units 5+6

In English

Created by:
David Nelson

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founder of Frankish knigdom

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24 questions
Founder of Frankish knigdom
Abd Al-Rahman
Led Muslin invasion of France
Visigothic queen of Franks, blood-feuds
Pepin of Herstal
Ruled Francia as Mayor, Duke and Prince of Franks
Charles Martel
Mayor who saved Francia from Muslim Invasion
Pepin the Short
First King of Carolingian Dynasty
Great Frankish Emperor
Gregory of Tours
Wrote history of the Franks
Alcuin of York
Anglo-Saxon Scholar who reorganized Frankish culture
Saxon resistance leader against Charlemagne
Last Lombard king
Pope Leo III
Crowned Charlemagne Emperor
Ragnar Lothbrok
Viking who plundered Paris
Ivar the Boneless
Led the Great Heathen Army
Viking enemy of Alfred
Erik the Red
Discovered Greenland
Leif Erikson
Discovered America (Canada at least)
Snorri Sturlson
Viking writer of Edda and Sagas
Saxo Grammaticus
Wrote a history of Denmark
Alfred the Great
Saved England from Vikings
Canute the Great
Danish ruler of North Sea empire
Founded Viking Russia
St. Olga
Viking Russian queen who took terrible revenge
Vladimir the Great
Converted the Russians to Christianity