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Dental Assistant Final Notes

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cdc center for disease control and prevention

Infection control procedure practiced in dentistry today are based on what guidelines?

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170 questions
Cdc center for disease control and prevention
Infection control procedure practiced in dentistry today are based on what guidelines?
8 Bones that cover and protect the brain
The cranium consist of how many bones?
14 Bones
The face consist of how many bones?
What is the only moveable bone?
-The cranium -The face
What two sections is the human skull divided into?
Tempomandibular joint (TMJ)
What is the joint on each side of the head that allows movement of the mandible?
-Hinge Action -Gliding Action
Jaw movements of TMJ (2)
Size either Major or Minor
Salivary glands are classified by?
The ____ begins on the inside of lips then extends to the arch?
-Incisive Papilla -Palatal rugae -Palatine Raphe
Land marks of the hard palate are
Free edge
Soft palate ends as a
Tip of tongue (Anterior)
The sweet and salty taste buds are located
On the side of the tongue
The sour taste buds are located
Back of tongue (Posterior)
The bitter taste buds are located
-Crown -Root
The 2 main parts of a tooth
Enamel Rods
Enamel is composed of millions of calcified enamel prisms also known as
What is covered by enamel on crown and cementum on root
Primary Mixed Permanent
The 3 dentition periods are
Replaces primary teeth
Succedaneous teeth
Succedaneous teeth
Permanent teeth are not
There are no ______ in the primary dentition
Primary dentition
The 1st set of 20 primary teeth are called
Between 6 to 12 years of age
Mixed dentition occurs
Each quadrant of perm dentition contains of how many perm teeth?
-Incisiors -Molars -Canines
Perm dentition consist of
There are no _____ in the primary dentition
The perm dentition is divided into __ types of teeth
The longest teeth are
There are __ total molars
Contours Contacts Embrasures
3 atomic features of teeth
Jaws are closed
Centric occlusion occurs when
The contact of teeth
Functional occlusion is
Most often used in the US
Universal/national system
Letters A-T
The primary dentition is represented by
Front to Back
Always count from
Permanent teeth are numbered
____ Adult Teeth
____ Baby Teeth
Susceptible tooth diet rich in carbohydrates specific bacteria
The caries (Cavities) process 3 factors are?
Plaque is ____ removed
Over and carious lesion; development of a hole
2nd stage of caries development
Decay Defective restorations Advanced periodontal conditions
Intra oral and extra oral radiography provides indispensable tools to identify
Mouth mirror Explorer
Examination instruments
Direct restorations
Restorations or procedures are done in the dental office are called
Amalgam Composites
Examples of direct restorations
OSHA Blood borne pathogens standard protects occupational exposure to blood borne disease causing organisms such as