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drugs, substance misuse and crime

In English

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Beth Davis

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Britain gained Hong Kong- centre of Opium trade

Opium wars- Nanking and Bogue treaties

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125 questions
Britain gained Hong Kong- centre of Opium trade
Opium wars- Nanking and Bogue treaties
East India Company
Who dictated opium trade with China
1. Open access- free trade 2. Closed access- known people
What are the 2 forms of illicit drug markets
Misuse of Drugs Act prohibits unlawful possession
What is the main difference between Medicines Act and the Misuse of Drugs Act
Class A- most dangerous e.g. crack Class B- codeine Class C- anabolic steroids
What are the three classes of drugs by the Misuse of Drugs Act
14 years imprisonment and unlimited fine on indictment
Maximum penalties under the temporary class drugs
Rate of consumption
Meaning of prevalence
Deviant and non-agentive
What is the youth paradox
(emulation theory & peer pressure)
Substance consuming behaviours have external locus of control
Deviance nor hedonism
What are NOT motives for substance consumption in youth practices
1. function 2. context 3. utility
3 things to understand social practice
Symbolic exchange value
What is cultural capital
- Add any description of substance - Remove description Must be consulted by Advisory Council and Secretary of State
Section 3 in the Psychoactive substances act outlines exempted substances which was amended to...
- Intentionally produces the substance - Intends to consume for the effects or knows its reckless
Under the Psychoactive substances act, a person commits an offence if...
- Person intentionally supplies to another person - Person knows it is reckless - Offers to supply to another person
Under section 5 of the Psychoactive substance act- supplying or offering to supply means a person commits an offence if...
- Fine- only for sections 1-8 - Summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months
What is the penalty if a person commits an offence under section 1-9 in the Psychoactive substances act- includes possession, importing or exporting the substance
- Carry if the circumstances for carrying is an exempted activity
Under the psychoactive substances act what are the exceptions to offences
-Stop and search - Enter premises - Production of documents - Seizure
Between 12-47 sections in the Psychoactive substances act, name some things which might be found