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ECOP 401-

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Learn English From Japanese

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As the topic had nothing to do with me, I didn't need to attend the meeting.

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126 questions
As the topic had nothing to do with me, I didn't need to attend the meeting.
The topic had nothing to do with me. I needn't have attended the meeting. It was a waste of time.
I wouldn't have missed the lecture meeting given by Dr. Maeda and I would have gotten some useful information to run my newly established business, but the car accident prevented me from attending it.
一体どうやって受講料を払ったのだい。 -それについて心配する必要はありませんでした。運良く奨学金をもらいましたので。
How in the world did you pay your tuition fees? -I didn't need to worry about that as I was lucky enough to get a scholarship.
She shouldn't have given her boss such back talk, as she herself is to blame for such a silly mistake, which caused us to lose one of our most important clients.
It was unfriendly of you to keep it a secret from me. I've told you that if you have a chance to visit Nagoya, I want you to tell me so that you can stay at my house. You needn't have booked an expensive room at the hotel.
When I was in Sapporo, I used to go to see him every Sunday.
I used to be an interpreter.
There used to be a big tree there.
I'm used to staying up late at night.⇒⇒ I'm accustomed to staying up late at night.
As he is very generous, he wouldn't say such a thing.
I'm ashamed of what I used to be.
He used to live in a small apartment, but he was hard-working enough to buy this big house.
Indeed he is capable and gives a lot of advantages to our company but his boss wouldn't give him a promotion and a raise, as they aren't on good terms.
English used to be taught for reading and writing. Nowadays, speaking and hearing are also considered (to be) important.
These pictures always remind me of my grandfather, who would often take me out and buy me some snacks at the confectionery shop, which is no longer there. All of them bring back my distant childhood memories.
Live a happy life
Breathe a deep breath
Die a miserable death
Dream a strange dream
Fight a violent fight
Laugh a merry laugh
Learn a bitter lesson
Say one's say
Sing a sweet song
Sleep a dreamless sleep
Think good thoughts
Smile a bright smile
Run a tough race
He is stubborn, to be sure, but he is indebted to us so much that he would have no choice but to do us the favor. So, let it be done by him.
No one I've ever met in this country was as kind to me as my landlady. She reminded me of my mother, who passed away at almost the same age as she is now.
They are concerned with the corruption scandal (by themselves).  They concern themselves with the corruption scandal.
The Prime Minister is concerned about the future of the country (by himself).   The Prime Minister concerns himself about the future of the country.
He was forced to smile (by himself). He forced himself to smile.
I was devoted to making the team strong (by myself). I devoted myself to making the team strong.
Not a day passes but I scold my boy. I wonder how I should make him stop doing mischief and only now did I realize what my parents went through to bring me up.
You're curious about what they say about you behind your back, though they speak well of you in your presence. Is it right?
I met him after 5 years' absence. ⇒⇒ I met him for the first time in 5 years.
I played golf for the first time in 3 months.
According to what the member of the ruling party insisted in his answer to the opposition parties, it is of necessity to raise the consumption tax so that they can get ready to support the elderly, whose population is dramatically becoming bigger.
Young and capable, he is very much counted on by the president.
I'm very disappointed that he does not come up to my expectations based on his resume and the impression I got at the interview except that he is honest.
You must know the real reason why he became the manager so young before you envy him and spread rumors, saying that he has a kind of connection with the president. In fact, he worked and studied twice as much as the others as he thought he was not so talented.
He is suffering from the disease.
I suffered from the exam.
We are suffering from the economic slowdown.
The city suffered from the earthquake.
He got over the disease.
We have to get over the economic slowdown.
The city is getting over the earthquake.
For all your request, that is all I can tell you for the time being. To get some more information, I'll give it to you as soon as possible.
The personnel manager thought as if the applicant were interested in only the salary the manager had offered him, not the job he would be supposed to do.
Nowadays, environmental problems are much talked about. It is good not only for the environment but also for your company to stop producing mercurial batteries. If not, you'll get a bad name.
The landlord demanded that the residents of the old apartment should move from there within half a year so that he can tear it down and build a new one.
This book is worth reading.≒ It is worthwhile to read this book.
Kyoto is worth visiting.≒ It is worthwhile to visit Kyoto.
It is worthwhile to eat at the restaurant.
It is worthwhile to go there alone.
その契約は1000万円の[たいした, 私にとっては大きな]価値がある。
The contract is worth ten million yen [much, a lot, a lot to me, little].
No matter how hard it may be, I won't give up improving my English. I've made up my mind to do whatever is needed to be good at English, believing my teacher's word that diligence and patience will make me a master of English.
An immediate answer
An immediate cause
An immediate neighbor
Immediate plans
One's immediate relatives
Unlike the information that we would have no difficulty in reaching the agreement, we had a lot of difficulties, which made us learn that negotiating is not as easy to be successful in as we thought.
Though I don't know whether psychotherapy really works or not, one thing I can say is that he is more cheerful than before he tried it.
This house is too small to live in.
His supporter is too rich for him to fail in the business.≒ His supporter is so rich that he cannot fail in the business.≒ His supporter is such a rich man that he cannot fail in the business.≒ His supporter is rich enough for him not to fail in the business.≒ His supporter is so rich for him as not to fail in the business.⇒⇒ As his supporter is so rich
The boy is too strong not to help his father. ≒ The boy is so strong that he can help his father. ≒ He is such a strong boy that he can help his father. ≒ The boy is strong enough to help his father. ≒ The boy is so strong as to help his father. ⇒⇒ As the boy is so strong, he can help his father.
His English is too good for him not to live abroad alone. ≒ His English is so good that he can live abroad alone. ≒ He is such a good English speaker that he can live abroad alone. ≒ His English is good enough for him to live abroad alone. ≒ His English is so good for him as to live abroad alone. ⇒⇒ As his English is so good, he can live abroad alone.
No matter what alibi you may fake, the evidence shows that you are the criminal. It's good for you to confess everything about the incident with honesty; otherwise you'll make your standing worse, giving a bad impression to the jury.
He is the best student in his class, and one who passed the exam.
This is the fastest car in the world, and one which was made by Ferrari.
I'm satisfied that my subordinates are motivated enough to work without being urged by me and that the sales of this year are better than those of last year.
I wonder which English conversation school my daughter should study at. The more I think about a number of troubles caused by their dishonest operations, the more pessimistic I become.
I got out of the room.
We got out of the difficulty.
He got out of the wet clothes.
Let's get out of the train at the next station.
The flying object suddenly got out of sight.
I want to get out of the useless business.
You should get out of the bad habit.
The boy tried to get out of doing his homework.
I cannot get it out of my mind.
Though he came back from the trip to Guam satisfied, without having any pictures to remember it by, he regretted it a lot, saying that he should have taken a camera with him.