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English Vocabulary 3

In English

Created by:
Saravanan H

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make someone aware of or familiar with


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34 questions
Police related words
Law enforcement Officer, Peace officer
Government related words
The Ruling party, Regime, Authorities, Central & State run officials, ministers
Go on board a ship or aircraft or begin (a course of action).
Embark Past tense: Embarked (she embarked on a new career or he embarked for India in 1817)
Reference conveyed through pictures or portray in words; describe
Depiction (paintings depicting Old Testament scenes,youth is depicted as a time of vitality and good health)
Lasting for a very short tim
Ephemeral ( Fashions are ephemeral: new ones regularly drive out the old)
Highest point
Zenith, Pinnacle, Apex, Optimum
A small quantity of something
Smidgen ( Add a Smidgen of salt)
Steep or rapid fall or drop
Plummet ( Cost of LED Lamp could plummet to $20)
Hinder or obstruct
Impede ( This action could impede our ability to modernise )
Making one feel strong, healthy, full of energy
Invigorating ( A daily bath is invigorating )
Very Happy
Very Hungry
Ravenous (I'd been out all day and was ravenous)
To say it briefly, fitting your points into one concise statement
Succintly (You succinctly stated your case and sat down to great applause, not to mention great relief or During the debate, the politicians only had few moments to give succint responses)
Causing or liable to cause death;
Mortals ( All humans are mortal, a mortal disease)
Necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility
Incumbent (the incumbent President was defeated or the government realized that it was incumbent on them to act
Vehemently (When people learned the banks were going to be bailed out by the government, they made vehement protests across the country)
Fill (someone) with great delight; charm;capture the complete attention of (someone);amaze or overwhelm (someone) with a particular impressive quality.
Enchant (Isabel was enchanted with the idea) Mermerised (They were mesmerized by his story) Fascinated, Magnetised, Dazzled(I was dazzled by the beauty and breadth of the exhibition)
Astonishing, spectacular, Amazing, Superb, Out of the World
Breathtaking (The scene was one of breathtaking beauty;The train raced past with breathtaking speed. They gave a breathtaking performance; The view of the mountains was breathtaking; A scene of breathtaking beauty The scope of the error is breathtaking)