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Environmental Geology

In English

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Mineral containing silicon & oxygen and usually one or more additional elements


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Environmental Geology - Details



57 questions
Exponential growth rate
7.8 Billion people on earth
Si & O silicon and Oxygen
2 most common elements
1) Chemical composition & 2) Crystal Structure
2 Fundamental Characteristics of any mineral
Largest General Group of minerals
Fast cooling - Volcanic
Fine Igneous Rock
Slow cooling - Plutonic
Coarse Igneous Rock
Clastic , Chemical , Organic
Sedimentary rocks formed from
Foliated and Non-foliated
2 Categories of Metamorphic Rock
AZ size rank in US
AZ population rank in US
Colorado River doesn't flow straight
AZ Border is not straight - why?
Verde River
River 30 miles North of Prescott
Palo Verde is West of Phx
AZ Nuclear power plant
Plate boundary that has truly Large EQ
Cascadia & Hayward
Next 2 most common US EQs