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Film and Screen History

In English

Created by:
Anila Rais

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German Expressionism - films

Nosferatu, M, Metropolis

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44 questions
German Expressionism - films
Nosferatu, M, Metropolis
German Expressionism - directors
Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, Erich Pommer
Kuleshov Effect example
Sergei Eisenstein, October
Hay's Code 1934
Motion Picture Production Code
Big 5 - studios
RKO, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount
Small 3 - studios
United Pictures, United Artists, Columbia Pictures
Vertical Integration
Production, Distribution, Exhibition
Studio System controlled what aspects?
Marketing of the film, shipping of films, schedule of exhibition, block booking and owning the labs where films processed and printed
Silent actors that didn't transition to talkies
Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Vilma Banky
Silent actors that did transition to talkies
Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Boris Karloff
What were Hollywood Combat Films?
Portrayed WWII as a 'peoples' war'
Examples of Combat films
The Negro Solider, Soldier from the Tropics
Example of women in war film
Katherine Hepburn narrating 'Women in Defense'
Examples of animation and war films
Bug Bunny Nips the Nip, Ali Baba, Tokio Jokio
What did The Bureau of Motion Pictures do?
Produced educational films and reviewed scripts submitted by the studios
Examples of Hollywood war propaganda films
Mrs. Miniver, Casablanca, They Came To Blow Up America
When was the Ministry of Information (MOI) formed?
4 September 1939 - day after Britain's declaration of war
What was the Ministry of War renamed to?
Central Office of Information
How did the Camera Obscura worked?
Light from object (A) passes through a pinhole, which shows on back wall of chamber as inverted image (B)
What was the Magic Lantern used for?
Magnify and project images painted on glass slides
Who was the first person heavily involved in Phantasmagoria?
Etienne-Gaspard Robert. Stagename: Robertson
Who and when was the Stroboscope invented?
Simon Ritter Von Stampfer - 1832
Name 4 of the Lumiere Brothers films
Baby's lunch, workers leaving factory, train arriving at station, sprinkler getting sprinkled
George Melies' famous film
Le Voyage dans la Lune 1902 (Trip to the Moon)
What formed the 'continuity model'?
Evolutionary and Cinematic and Narrative Assumptions