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Pt over 65,dysphagia, wt loss, food impaction ( eosinophilic esophagitis, anemia, long standing> 5 year GERD

Functional dyspepsia: When is EDG warranted before PPI trial?

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63 questions
Abx, biophosphanates, steroids, iron, metformin, opiates, NSAIDS, KCL,
Which medications can exacerbate functional dyspepsia?
10%, , and 0.3%.
Transmission: transplacental, and vaginal.
Neonatal 95% goes to chronic stage. Adult 5% to chronic.
What percent goes to chronic stage? Neonatal and adult
Close contact of acute Hep B and infants get HBV vaccine and HGIB.
What do you give for post exposure prophylaxis for Hep B?
Steatosis on liver US.
NASH definition
Obesity, DM, Hyperlipidemia, HTN, OSA,
NASH associated conditions.
Avoid HFC, Low lactulose, gluten, sugars and starches.
How do you treat gluten sensitivity?
CT of abdomen: R/O access
Dx of diverticulitis
Abcess, fistula, perforation, young and immunocompromised and after second episode.
Diverticulitis Indication for surgery (sigmoid colectomy)
CT with contrast: Ductal calcification,
How do you diagnose chronic pancreatitis?
CA 19-9
What is the serum marker for pancreatic cancer
Check ALT Q 6 mo, HBeAg Q 6-12 mo, Fib 4 yearly . Referr for >F2
What is the surveillance for HBeAg + with no cirrhosis