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German, past tense irregular verbs

In English

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Lizzy Kutten

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past tense: to bake, to begin, to bid

gebacken, begonnen, geboten

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35 questions
Past tense: to bake, to begin, to bid
Gebacken, begonnen, geboten
Past tense: to bind, to request, to stay
Gebunden, gebeten, geblieben
Past tense: to fry, to break, to burn
Gebraten, gebrochen, gebrannt
Past tense: to bring, denken, durfen
Gebracht, gedacht, gedurft
Past tense: recommend, to eat, to go/drive
Empfohlen, gegessen, gefahren
Past tense: to fall, to catch, to find
Gefallen, gefangen, gefunden
Past tense: to fly, to flow/pour, to freeze
Geflogen, geflossen, gefroren
Past tense: to enjoy, to happen, to win
Genossen, geschehen, gewonnen
Past tense: to resemble, to dig, to have
Geglichen, gegraben, gehabt
Past tense: to mean, to help, to know
Geheiben, geholfen, gekannt
To suffer, to lend, to read
Gelitten, geliegen, gelesen
To lie/rest, to lie/tell lies, to avoid
Gelegen, gelogen, gemieden
To measure, to like, to have to
Gemessen, gemocht, gemusst
To take, to name/call, to praise
Genommen, genannt, gepriesen
To guess, to rub/grate, to smell
Geraten, gerieben, gerochen
To call/shout, to accomplish, to divorce
Gerufen, geschaffen, (ist) geschieden
To shine/appear, to shove, to shoot
Geschienen, geschoben, geschossen
To sleep, to beat, to close
Geschlafen, geschlagen, geschlossen
To loop/gulp, to cut, to write
Geschlungen, geschnitten, geschrieben
To swim, to see, to be
Geschwommen, gesehen, (ist)gewesen
To send, to sing, to sink
Gesandt/gesendet, gesungen, (ist) gesunken
To sit, to be supposed to, to speak
Gesessen, gesollt, gesprochen
To stand, to steal, to climb
Gestanden, gestohlen, ist(gestiegen)
To die, to push, to paint/cancel
(ist) gestorben, gestoBen, gestrichen
To argue, to carry, to hit/meet
Gestritten, getragen, getroffen
To kick, to drink, to do, to forget
Getreten, getrunken, getan, vergessen
To kick, to drink, to do, to forget
Getreten, getrunken, getan, vergessen
To lose, to grow, to wash
Verloren, (ist)gewachsen, gewaschen
To indicate/show, to turn/flip, to advertise
Gewiesen, gewandt(gewendet), geworben
To become, to throw, to wind
(ist) geworden, geworfen, gewunden
To know, to want, to pull/draw
Gewusst, gewollt, gezogen