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German present tense irregular verbs

In English

Created by:
Lizzy Kutten

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to bake, to begin, to offer/bid

backen, beginnen, bieten

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German present tense irregular verbs - Details



34 questions
To bake, to begin, to offer/bid
Backen, beginnen, bieten
To bind, to request, to stay
Binden, bitten, bleiben
To fry, to break, to burn
Braten(brät), brechen(bricht), brennen
To bring, to think, to be allowed
Bringen, denken, durfen(darf)
To recommend, to eat, to go/drive
Empfehlen(empfiehlt), essen(isst), fahren(fährt)
To fall, to catch, to find
Fallen(fällt),fangen(fängt), finden
To fly, to flow/pour, to freeze
Fliegen, flieBen, frieren
To give, to go/walk, to be valid
Geben(gibt), gehen, gelten(gilt)
To enjoy, to happen, to win
GenieBen, geschehen (geschieht), gewinnen
To resemble, to dig, to habe
Gleichen, graben(gräbt), haben(hast,hat,habt)
To hold/keep, to hang, to raise/lift
Halten(hält), hängen, heben
To be called, to help, to know
HeiBen, helfen(hilft), kennen
To sound/ring, to come, to be able to/can
Klingen, kommen, können(kann)
To load/charge, to let/allow, to run/walk
Laden(lädt), lassen(lässt), laufen(läuft)
To suffer, to lend, to read
Leiden, leihen, lesen(liest)
To measure, to like, to have to
Messen(misst), mogen(mag), mussen(muss)
To take, to name/call, to praise
Nehmen(nimmt), nennen, preisen
To guess, to rub/grate, to smell
Raten(rat), reiben, riechen
To shine/appear, to shove, to shoot
Scheinen, schieben, schieBen
To sleep, to beat/hit, to close
Schlafen(schlaft), schlagen(schlagt), schlieBen
To loop/gulp, to cut, to write
Schlingen, scheiden, schreiben
To swim, to see, to be
Schwimmen, sehen(sieht), sein(ist)
To send, to sing, to sink
Senden, singen, sinken
To sit, to be supposed to, to speak
Sitzen, sollen(soll), sprechen(spricht)
To stand, to steal, to climb
Stehen, stehlen(stiehlt), steigen
To die, to push, to paint/cancel??
Sterben(stirbt), stoBen, streichen
To argue, to carry, to hit/meet
Streiten, tragen (tragt), treffen(trifft)
To kick, to drink, to do, to forget
Treten(tritt), trinken, tun, vergessen(vergisst)
To lose, to grow, to wash
Verlieren, wachsen(wachst), waschen(wascht)
To become, to throw, to wind
Werden(wird), werfen(wirft) winden
To know, to want, to pull/draw
Wissen(weiB), wollen(will), ziehen