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Lacey Goodrich

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When did we start to see political parties?

The election of 1786

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35 questions
What were the first two parties called?
They were: democratic-republican party & federalists
What kind of the constitution did the Federalist Party favor?
Did they prefer a •loose one or a •strict one?
People in rural areas tended to support?
The democratic republican party
The democratic republican party supported a..
Strict constitution interpretation
What did the democratic republican party oppose?
National bank, protective teriffs
Tallyrand would only meet in exchange for?
$250,000,$10 million for France
Why did Adams make the alien acts?
Because foreigners supported Jefferson
What does sedition mean?
Cause rebellion against gov
What did the sedition act allow them to do?
Fine&jail for criticizing gov
Who ended up in jail bcuz of this act?
Newspaper editors, &congressmen