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HIT - 101 Exam 1

In English

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Max Well

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Council for Excellence in Education

Which group brings together stakeholders to address issues related to the future of the HIM profession and education?

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50 questions
Council for Excellence in Education
Which group brings together stakeholders to address issues related to the future of the HIM profession and education?
Which of the following is the professional organization dedicated to the capture of health data and documentation?
Candidates must pass an exam before obtaining any of the credentials.
Which of the following is true about the AHIMA certification program?
An RHIT is going back to earn her bachelor degree so that she can sit for the RHIA exam. What membership category is she qualified for?
AHIMA Board of Directors
Who is responsible for managing the AHIMA association and determining its direction?
Which organization's goal is centered on better health through health information technology?
Information governance
The term used to describe the accountability framework and decision rights to achieve enterprise information management is __________.
Approving amendments to AHIMA's bylaws
The AHIMA House of Delegates has power over which of the following?
Where should new graduates begin their volunteer experience?
Earned recognition for AHIMA members who have made significant and sustained contributions to the profession is which of the following?
Physician and Surgeon
Two types of practitioners can hold the degree of Doctor of Medicine. They are:
25 days or less
The average length of stay (LOS) for acute care hospitals is:
Which administrative position is the senior manager appointed by a governing board to direct an organization's overall long-term strategic management?
Because of increased economic pressure from third-party payers
Why are home healthcare services the fastest-growing sector of Medicare?
To manage cost, quality, and access to care
What was the intention of managed care?
Have a Podiatrist on staff.
Which of the below is NOT a criteria to qualify as a Critical Access Hospital?
Type of services provided Type of ownership Number of beds (ALL)
Hospitals can be classified by which of the following?
What are individuals who receive acute care services in a hospital called?
Patients in hospice care are expected to live ___ months or less.
Long term care is mainly rehabilitative and supportive rather than trying to cure the patient.
Storing patient care documentation
Which of the following best describes the most important function of the health record?
Clinical professionals who provide direct patient care
Who are the primary users of the health record?
Patient identification
Which of the following elements is typically found in the paper health record?
Master Patient Index
The _______________ is the permanent record of ALL patients treated in a healthcare facility. Correct!
Healthy People 2020
This program was designed to improve the overall health of the nation?
Color coding
Which of the following assists in locating misfiles in the paper-based filing systems?
Which one of the following laws required extensive changes to the Medicare program to try and help control rising costs?
Caring for the patient
The services provided by HIM departments in acute care hospitals usually include all the following except:
Assigning the health record number
The patient registration department assists the HIM department in what way?
Which type of review of the health record is done to determine if there are any missing reports, forms, or signatures?
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
Which of the following groups is the primary accreditation organization for facilities that treat individuals who have functional disabilities?
Use a black pen to obliterate the entry
When correcting erroneous information in a paper health record, which of the following is never appropriate?
Medical History
Which of the following represents documentation of the patient’s current and past health status?
Physical Exam
Which of the following contains the physician’s findings based on an examination of the patient?
Which of the following would not be a component of acute care patient records?
Emergency Care
Which type of health record contains information about the means by which the patient arrived at the healthcare setting and documentation of care provided to stabilize the patient?
Medical Staff Bylaws
A healthcare organizations standards for governing the practice of medical staff members is:
The legal health record includes documentation to support decisions made when treating a patient, support documentation for revenue pursued by payers, as well as documentation used for legal testimony.
True or false? An increase of healthcare-related identity theft has had no influence on a healthcare provider organization’s decision not to collect Social Security Numbers from patients.
Data Dictyionary
A listing of all the data elements within a specific system that defines each individual data element, standard input of the data element, and specific data length is:
Data Element
A single or individual fact that represents the smallest unique subset of a larger database in healthcare is known as a/n ____________.
A health information manager took the three elements, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol to analyze for potential indicators of a heart attack. The combined data and then manipulated into something meaningful is referred to as?
Data Integrity
The assurance that the data entered into an electronic system or maintained on paper are only accessed and amended by individuals with the authority to do so is ___________________________?
Health information exchange
What is another term for the exchange of health information electronically between providers and others with the same level of interoperability, such as labs and pharmacies?
Data Mapping
Which of the following creates a visual process to understand the data being collected between two different systems and links the data being collected together?
Data element
The single fact or individual fact that represents the smallest unique subset of a larger database sometimes referred to the raw facts and figures is:
Safeguards established to assure the data is available when needed while implementing proper precautions and safeguards to protect the information is called which of the following?
Unstructured data
This type of data is entered into electronic systems in free text and has no specific requirements or rules for data entry.
Computer Assisted Coding
This software has the ability to search and evaluate clinical documentation that will produce a report of procedure and diagnosis codes.