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Human Sexuality - Current Issues

In English

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C. Learned

According to the text, most of sexuality is

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144 questions
C. Learned
According to the text, most of sexuality is
D. All of these are involved.
Among the following, which discipline is not involved in the study of human sexuality?
D. Study sexual behavior scientifically
What best describes the role of sexologists?
C. The sensual aspect of intercourse became more important.
When humans began to walk upright, how did sexuality change?
D. The emphasis on sexual relations and love within a marital union
What was a main contribution of Hebrew thought on sexual attitudes in the Western world?
D. One of the few major civilizations to successfully institute homosexuality
What was a main contribution of the Greek culture in Western history?
B. It allowed men to display their social and political power.
What is our best guess about the function of pederasty in ancient Greece?
B. A loving friendship devoid of sexual contact or desire
What best describes the term platonic?
B. They were seen as a means to improve one’s economic and social standing.
What best describes marriage and sexual relations in ancient Rome?
D. Chinese
Which ancient civilization emphasized the natural blending of masculine and feminine principles as part of the procreative process?
C. Punishment for sins committed in previous lives.
Based on India’s primary religious system of Hinduism and the concept of karma, what best describes the state of being a woman?
D. All of these
Which of the following is true regarding the Kama Sutra?
B. It was a common practice.
In early Chinese culture, what was TRUE related to the practice of polygamy?
A. He taught that men should be held to the same standards of adultery, divorce and remarriage as women.
According to the Christian Bible, what best describes Jesus’ view on sexuality?
B. He did not want love of humans to compete with love of God.
According to your textbook, why did Paul condemn sexuality?
C. An appreciation for the eroticism of women
Early Christianity led to all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Cognitive dissonance
Ashley feels very conflicted about her sexuality. She enjoys sex with her partner, Matthew, but at the same time feels very guilty about having sex before marriage. What is Ashley experiencing?
A. Homosexuality
According to Thomas Aquinas, using sex in unnatural ways was immoral. What did he consider the worst of all sexual sins?
B. Places where women learned to become self sufficient
Which of the following best describes harems within traditional Islamic communities?
D. Eunuch
What was the name for a man who had his testicles and/or penis removed to prevent him from engaging in sexual activity?
C. Asceticism
What term below refers to a lifestyle that rejects sensual pleasures such as drinking alcohol, eating rich food, or engaging in sex?
A. Sex in marriage was considered a means to reduce stress, avoid cheating and increase intimacy.
How did Protestant views in the early 16th century differ from previous Christian views?
A. Protestantism allowed divorce.
According to Martin Luther, how did Protestantism differ from the teachings of the Catholic Church?
A. Virtuous, refined, delicate, and fragile
What best describes the view of women during the Victorian Era?
B. The vibrator
What was the 19th century cure for hysteria?
D. Margaret Sanger
According to your text, which woman’s work had the most profound influence on women’s sexuality for the first half of the 20th century?
D. Premarital sexual relations were permitted.
In early Puritan communities, all of the following were true EXCEPT:
A. Bundling
In early Puritan culture young couples were allowed to share a bed as long as they were clothed and wrapped in sheets. What was this practice called?
B. Contraception such as condoms was readily available.
How did the liberalization of sexual conduct after the Revolutionary War affect sexuality in the United States?
B. Interracial sex
The purpose of anti-miscegenation laws was to make _______ illegal.
C. Native Americans were criticized for their attitudes toward premarital sex and practice of polygamy.
What is TRUE about the relationship between white settlers and minority groups in the U.S.?
A. Love
According to the free love movement began in the 1820s, what should the prerequisite to sexual relations be?
A. Physicians advocated for self-restraint and abstention from masturbation.
How did the arrival of the medical model of sexuality at the end of the 19th century impact views of sexuality in the United States?
C. An illness
How was homosexuality viewed according to the 19th century medical model of sexuality?
C. Laws were passed mandating blood tests before marriage.
What was one result of the Social Hygiene Movement?
D. All of these
During the time of the Sexual Revolution, changes took place related to sexuality in what area(s)?
C. The development of the contraceptive pill.
Which of the following is most attributed to the liberation of female sexuality?
D. She was an advocate for birth control.
What is one way that Margaret Sanger influenced sexuality history?
C. As a birth control clinic in New York
How did the Planned Parenthood organization first begin?
A. It advocated for sexual satisfaction among women.
How did the feminist movement contribute to the development of women’s sexuality?
B. Homosexuals were put in jail and mental hospitals.
After World War II, how were homosexuals treated?
A. Removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders.
In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association:
D. He relied on correlational methods.
All of the following are criticisms of Freud’s theory EXCEPT:
B. Behavioral
A man wants to rid himself of sexual fantasies of young boys. A therapist shows the man pictures of boys; if he responds with an erection, he receives an electric shock. Which theoretical perspective does this demonstrate?
A. Psychoanalytic
Which theory emphasizes the structure of the personality on the unconscious nature of sexuality?
D. Latency
If Freud is correct, sexual urges are LEAST important while a child is in which stage?
A. Girls develop penis envy.
What did Freud believe takes place during the phallic stage of development?
B. Behaviorists
Which theorists would recommend treating sexual disorders by rewarding desired behaviors?
B. Cognitive
Which type of theorist would state that the biggest sexual organ is the brain?
C. Self-actualization
Behavioral theory is to operant conditioning as humanistic theory is to:
C. Biological
Which theorist would most likely say “how one behaves as a man or a woman is controlled primarily by our genes”?
D. Pass on our genes.
According to evolutionary theory, we enter a sexual relationship to:
A. Sociological
The influence of law and religion and the impact of economic conditions on sexual behaviors are stressed most by which theory?
B. Family
According to sociological theory, what is the first factor that influences our values about what is sexually right or wrong?
A. The social construction of sexuality is based on power.
What statement best fits with feminist theory?
C. Physicians
Who conducted most sexuality research in the late 19th century?
D. Atypical and unhealthy sexuality
What was the primary focus of sexual research in the 19th century?
B. Jewish
What was the religious background of many of the early sexuality researchers?
B. Richard von Krafft-Ebing
Of the following early sexuality researchers, who would most likely label homosexual behavior as pathological?
A. Magnus Hirschfeld
Which researcher founded the Institute for Sexology and believing that homosexuality was genetic, argued for the repeal of laws against homosexuality and bisexuality?
D. Havelock Ellis
Which researcher sought a medical degree primarily to study sexuality and reported that homosexuality and masturbation were not abnormal?
A. Clelia Mosher
Who was the first researcher to ask Americans about their sexual behavior, finding in his/her study that most of the U.S. women surveyed thought sexual intercourse was for pleasure and reproduction?
B. Katherine Bement Davis
Women have sexual appetites equal to men and they do not necessarily need men to satisfy those appetites.” Which researcher would agree most strongly with this statement?
C. Alfred Kinsey
According to your text, who is considered the most influential sex researcher of the 20th century?
B. Interviews
How did Alfred Kinsey obtain most of his research data?
B. Playboy
Where were Morton Hunt’s findings on sexual behaviors during the 1970s published?
B. Alfred Kinsey
A university student spent hours answering hundreds of questions asked by an interviewer. The questions were easy to understand and the student was assured all responses would remain confidential. The student might have been a participant in a study done by which researcher(s)?
A. William Masters and Virginia Johnson
A couple comes to a lab and has sexual intercourse first with no one observing and then comes back and has sex while hooked up to a variety of instruments to measure changes in erection and vaginal lubrication. This couple might have been participants in a study done by which researcher(s)?
D. Volunteer bias
A sexologist teaching at a university offers students the option of writing a term paper or participating in a sexuality survey. What challenge would this pose for findings from the survey?
B. Women are capable of multiple orgasms.
What was a finding from Masters and Johnson’s research?
D. He only included people with listed phone numbers.
Why was Morton Hunt’s research results not considered generalizable?
C. It used better sampling techniques.
How did the National Health and Social Life Survey of the early 1990s have improved results from Kinsey’s work several decades earlier?
D. Observation
Freud is to case study as Masters and Johnson are to:
A. The results cannot be generalized to a larger group of people.
What is a major limitation of the case study method of research?
It provides no information about causation.
What is a disadvantage of correlational research?
A. Independent variable
In an experiment, what variable does the experimenter manipulate?
C. Participant observation
A researcher wants to study people’s behavior on first time dates so he/she joins an internet dating service. What type of research method would this be?
C. Sample of convenience
A researcher who wants to study sexual behavior of adults in the U.S. uses a college-level human sexuality class to get participants. What sample method is the researcher using?
D. It increases reliability.
A researcher doing in-depth interviews often asks the same questions in different ways during the interview to assure accurate and honest responses. How does this impact the results?
B. Participants might be more truthful because of anonymity.
What is a potential advantage of Internet-based sexuality research?
C. Joshua, who is sexually experienced and more liberal
Which person below is MOST likely to participate in a sexuality research study?
B. Sexual intercourse is most common when couples wake up in the morning.
Which of the following best fits the findings of cross-cultural studies?
A. Problem driven and underfunded
What best describes the most recent U.S. approach to sex research?
C. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Which group conducted a well-known global study of sexuality?
D. A high percentage of sexually active male teenagers reported using condoms the last time they engaged in sexual behavior.
What best describes findings from the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior?
D. Schools pay to participate in the study.
Why are findings from the National College Health Assessment possibly not generalizable?
D. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
If someone filled out an in-school questionnaire when they were in 8th grade and have been interviewed four more times throughout adulthood, what is the name of the study they most likely participated in?
D. All of these
In what area(s) is there currently a lack of sexuality research?
A. Improved collaboration between researchers of various disciplines
Which of the following best describes a goal of future sexuality research?
D. Still in its early stages
Which of the following best describes the present-day field of sexuality research?
C. We share about ourselves beginning with the least personal.
According to the Onion Theory of communication, what best describes how we reveal ourselves to others?
B. Increase emotional intimacy
According to your text, which best describes a benefit that good communication can add to a relationship?
D. All of these
What factor(s) contribute to communication problems for couples?