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Computer science

An IT course suitable for all learners.

In English
Computer science

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What is the time required to determine that a number n is prime by using standard algorithm?

Linear time

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Computer science - Details



598 questions
ASCII stands for __________
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
How vector graphics are stored?
As a list of attributes
How is the temperature of the CPU regulated?
Using cooling fan and heat sink
CPU stands for
Central Processing Unit
LAN stands for
Local Area Network
WAN stands for?
Wide Area Network
WWW stands for
World Wide Web
MAC address stands for
Media Access Control address
IP address stands for
Internet Protocol address
The two principal functions of IP address are
Host/Network interface identification and location addressing
OSI reference model stands for
Open System Interconnection
WPA stands for _______
Wi-Fi Protected Access
A computer must have ?
Operating System