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Kapitel 10 popu

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Reproductive success of an organism is best measured by its

number of offspring that survive to reproduce

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14 questions
Reproductive success of an organism is best measured by its
Number of offspring that survive to reproduce
A trade-off for having many offspring would be
That they would likely be small in size
Successful reproduction can result in a
Lower chance of future reproduction
Early sexual maturity is predicted to result in
Higher reproduction earlier in life
Altricial young are relatively
Helpless at birth and require relatively little time for incubation and gestation (inkubation af æg og drægtighed) (In biology, altricial species are those in which the young are underdeveloped at the time of birth, but with the aid of their parents develop in spurts after birth). Modsat: Præocociale er arter, hvor de unge er relativt modne og bevægelige fra fødsels- eller klekkingsøjeblikket.
Pacific salmon migrate upstream and after breeding, soon die. They are termed? Hvad er det andet alternativ?
Semelparous. For at maksimere fitness, afbalancerer en organisme øjeblikkeligt reproduktionsindsatser mod fremtidige udsigter. Et alternativ, semelparity, er investering af maksimal energi i en enkelt reproduktionsindsats. Det andet alternativ, iteroparitet, er placeringen af mindre energi til gentagne reproduktionsindsatser.