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Kolbergs morality theory

In English


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What is the pre-conventional level

FOCUS: self Stage 1: to avoid punishment Stage 2: Satisfying one's own egotistic needs

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9 questions
What is the pre-conventional level
FOCUS: self Stage 1: to avoid punishment Stage 2: Satisfying one's own egotistic needs
What is the conventional level?
FOCUS: significant others Stage 3: Conformity (how you present yourself to others) Stage 4: Respect of rules and authority
What is post conventional level (10% of ppl)
FOCUS: Universal moral principles Stage 5: Following the law of the land Stage 6: Abstract principles of equality and worth are the basics for moral decision making, not rules.
What Piaget stage fits with the pre-conventional level?
The preoperational stage This means they can explore the world through sings and symbols but they are egocentric (fits the stage 1)
What Piaget stage fits with the conventional level?
Concrete operational stage Decentering, seeing things from multiple points And conservation, understand certain feature (can apply logic)
What Piaget stage fits with the post conventional level?
The formal operational stage They are able to think in abstract terms so hypothetically
Difference between morals and morality
Morals refer to the right and wrong that can differ between situations and cultures Morality refers to the system of values and principles
Piagets pre-moral stage age 5-10
Hoteronomous stage Rules tell you right and wrong Rules are given to you by an adult and are not changeable Focus on consequences if you do something right or wrong (eg. will I get punished?)
Piaget's pre-moral stage age 10+
Autonomous stage Rules are changeable if beneficial for everyone Can focus on intention and consequence