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Lab Techniques

In English

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C.A McElhatton

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Which part of the light microscope controls the intensity of light entering the viewing area?

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54 questions
Which part of the light microscope controls the intensity of light entering the viewing area?
Crystal violet, iodine solution, alcohol, safranin
What is the correct order of gram-staining
Gram Positive
Which bacteria appears purple-violet colour after staining?
In Gram-staining, iodine is used as a?
No. of Bacteria= colony number/(dilution rate x ml of sample)
Calculations for counting no. of bacteria.
Counting actual cells of colonies
Direct method of enumeration
Used for direct and total counting
Fluorescent staining and microscopy
Between 30 and 300
Number of colonies when enumeration
Selective media for yeast
Malt Extract Agar
Selective media
Brilliance salmonella agar
Selective media for bac. Cereus
Brilliance Bacillus cereus agar
Selective media for pseudomonas
Pseudomonas’s selective agar
Crustal violet
Primary stain (in gram staining)
Heat them iodine
Fixative (in gram staining)
Decolouriser (in gram staining)
Counterstain (in gram staining)
Objective lens x ocular lens
Total magnification (microscope)
Holds the slide and therefore sample in place
Object holder/mechanical stage clips (microscope)