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Latin Vocabulary #3

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Learn English From Latin

Created by:
Andrew Garlick

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rectus, recta, rectum (adjective)

straight, right

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100 questions
Artus, artus, m. (noun)
(lit.: fitting), joint, limb
Vox, vocis, f. (noun)
Voice, utterance
Prospicio, -spicere, prospexi, prospectum (verb)
To look out, look out for, watch
Tumulus, tumuli, m. (noun)
A heap of earth, mound, hill, hillock
Simul (adverb)
At the same time, together
Forma, formae, f. (noun)
Appearance, shape, beauty
Praeut (conjunction)
Like as, according as
Vagus, vaga, vagum (adjective)
Wandering, shifting, inconstant
Dives, divitis or (contracted) dis, ditis (adjective)
(lit.: blessed by the gods), rich, sumptuous
Ceterum (adverb)
But for all that, besides
Desiderium, desiderii, n. (noun)
(lit.: an influence from the stars), desire
Velum, veli, n. (noun)
Sail, awning, piece of cloth
Artus, arta, artum (adjective)
(lit.: fitted), tight, narrow
Necesse (adjective)
Needful, indispensable
In (preposition)
Toward, against, in, at
Solum, soli, m. (noun)
Bottom, floor, soil
Tum (adverb)
Then, at that time
Vix (adverb)
Hardly, barely
Aequo, aequare, aequavi, aequatum (verb)
To make equal, make level, compare
Olim (adverb)
Once upon a time, formerly
Tandem (adverb)
At length, at long last, finally
Vinculum, vinculi, n. (noun)
Bond, chain, fetter
Di(v)us, di(v)a, di(v)um (adjective)
Heavenly, godlike, divine
Ter (adverb)
Three times, thrice
Disciplina, disciplinae, f. (noun)
Instruction, method, orderly conduct
Prosperus, prospera, prosperum (adjective)
According to one's hopes, successful
Per (preposition)
Through, across
Disto, distare, ---, --- (verb)
To be distant, to be different