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League of nations

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Problem with LON?

It would be slow to act, Poland and Lithuania were arguing for 9 years

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96 questions
Problem with LON?
It would be slow to act, Poland and Lithuania were arguing for 9 years
Problem with LON?
Some of the countries would act in their own interest, not the league's. Italy went above the head of the Conference of Ambassadors when they didn't like the decision of the league.
Problem with LON?
Without the USA it would be powerless, the league would never act when a country refused a decision, had America been on board they would have felt more confident.
What was the Geneva protocol?
A protocol drawn up after the Cofu crisis in 1924, it said that if 2 countries were in dispute they had to ask the league to help and they would have to accept the council's decision
How did the Geneva protocol work?
Proposed sanctions against the aggressor nation and provided a mechanism for a peaceful settlement of disputes.
Was the Geneva protocol successful ?
The new conservative government in Britain refused to sign the protocol. This means that the protocol was never put in place, as a result the protocol weakened the League instead of strengthening it.
What was the Bulgaria and Greece dispute?
In october 1925 - dispute between Greece and Bulgaria on the boarders, led to a invasion from the Greece side. Bulgaria appealed for help with the League. Greece then withdrew and had to pay 45,000 pounds.
Was the Bulgaria conflict a success?
A great success for the League. League demanded for the other forces to stand down. The League sent observes to deal with the dispute. They saw it's effectiveness.
How did the corfu crisis start?
Boundary sorted out between Greece and Albania that they gave Tellini to sort out. He was ambushed on the 27th of August and killed, this got Mussolini outraged and took matters into his own hands and occupied the Greek island of Corfu, killing 15 people in the process.
How did Greek respond to the Corfu crisis?
Asked the league to help and they acted quickly(bc they already in session), seeing as already had articles for it (12 and 15).
What did the League ask of from Mussolini? corfu
Condemned his actions and told Greece pay commissions that would be held by the league to be paid to Italy when the killers of Tellini was found. Bu he refused and he wanted the Conference of Ambassadors, he threatened to leave the League if this did not happen.
What happened did Britain and France disagree with on the Corfu crisis?
Britain didn't accept the case and was prepared to send battleships to force Mussolini out of Corfu. But the French completely agreed with Mussolini and backup Italy.
What happened in the end of the Corfu crisis?
Greece had to apologise and pay compensation directly to Italy. Italy withdrew from Corfu on the 27th of September
What was the Vilna dispute?
Russia takes Vilna from Lithuania. Poland takes Vilna from Russia. Russia retakes and gives it back to Lithuania. Polish general marches into Lithuania and declares independence for central Lithuania.
What did the League do for the Vilna dispute?
Meeting called on September 16th to resolve the dispute. Poland refused to withdraw. The league could have sent British and French troops but didn't, they were stuck without a solution.
What was the Aaland dispute?
Took place on the June 1921. Dispute was because 90% of the population in Aaland consider themselves Swedish. Finland wanted the Island because it was geographically in Finland's territory.
What did the League settle the Aaland dispute?
They did an investigation and in the end they said it belonged to Finland. The Aaland island wanted self-determination but was not met and was retained to Finland, but allowed them to keep their own culture.
Did the League handle the Aaland dispute successfully?
Was successful, both countries accepted the decision and it remains in force to this day. And Finland were to keep no weapons should be kept there.
What was the upper Silesia dispute?
Poland wanted it after WW1 because the treaty was in Poland's favour but Germany still argued against this.
What was the referendum for the Upper Silesia dispute?
March 20th 1921, a plebiscite took place 717,000 people voted for Germany and 483,000 people voted for Poland. Concluded of the area being split between Poland and Germany, a peaceful compromise with both countries, seeing as areas containing Polish people split with equal votes.
What was discussed in the disarmament conference from Feb 1932 - July 1932
-Prohibiting the bombing of civilian populations -limit the size of artillery -limit to tonnage of tanks -prohibit chemical warfare But nothing was talked about how to achieve it
What happens in July 1932 at the disarmament conference?
Germany puts forward a proposal to countries to its level. Others did not agree. Germany then walked out
What happened in September 1932 at the disarmament conference?
Britain sends Germany a note agreeing to their terms but Gemrnay didn't like it.
What happens in December 1932 - January 1933 at the disarmament conference?
An agreement is reached to treat German equally and then Germany announces that they are coming back.
What happens in February 1932 at the disarmament conference?
Hitler was just appointed as Chancellor of Germany so he is secretly rearming Germany.
What happens in May 1933 - June 1933 at the disarmament conference? with germany and hitler
Hitler promises not to rearm Germany if in 5 years all other nations destroy their arm Britain produces an ambitious disarmament plan.
What happens in October 1933 - February 1934 at the disarmament conference?
Hitler draws from the conference and then takes Germany out of the League all together. The League knows that Germany is rearming, so all the other start being up their armaments. So the conference finally ends in Feburary.
Why did the disarmament fail?
-no one was very serious about it -Britain and France were divided on the issue, France more cautious and Britain ready to be nicer to Germany -Each country was looking after themselves and ignoring the league -Hitler presents a different problem
What caused the Italian invasion of Abyssinia?
Italy got defeated in the Battle of Adowa and they wanted revenge. Abyssinia would provide fertile land mineral resources for Italy and would expand the empire, so this caused a boarder dispute
What happened with Italy and Abyssinia in 1934 ?
There was a Border clash at Wal Wal between them
What happens with Italy between January 1935 - October 1935?
Italy was suppoedly negotiating with the League to settle with the dispute while building up an army ready for a invasion. They reject to blame neither side and puts a plan to give away some of Abyssinia.
What was the League trying to do during 1935
They wanted to keep a good relationship with France because it would help them with Hitler. So they sign the Stresa pact
What was the Stresa pact?
It was a pact with Britain, France and Italy to get together and work against Germany together, but this made Mussolini feel more comfortable with invading Abyssinia.
What happens with Italy during Oct 1935 - May 1936?
Mussolini launches a full scale invasion and Abyssinia can't do anything seeing as their modern army is too powerful
What was Britain and France's actions during Oct 1935 - May 1936? with abyssinia
Although they could put sanctions, it bans all trade like loans and important and oil which was important because it could mean lack of jobs. They didn't put sanctions because of their own interests. Suez is not closed.
What was the Hoare-Laval pact?
A pact that was made without consulting Abyssinia or the League by Britain and France. It meant that Italy could take most of Abyssinia in return for a truce of the war.
What happens with Abyssinia and Italy from Oct 1935 - Nov 1936?
Mussolini starts to take over big parts of Abyssinia May 1936 - Italy then invades the rest of Abyssinia, this causes Halie Selassie to exile Nov - 1936 Signs the berlin-rome axis
What does Britain and France during the Abyssinia and Italy dispute -Oct 1935 - Now 1936?
France makes it clear that they will not support sanctions as they are keen to keep Italy on their side to help with Hitler. During this time, Hitler is rearming Germany
What was the Rome-Berlin axis?
Pact with Italy and Germany in 1936 which strengthen their relations
When did Italy eave the League ?
Italy left the League in 1937 which hurt the League of nations seeing as they need them.
What were the 5 terms of the the Treaty?
Territory Reparations Armed forces War guilt League of nations
What land was taken away from Germany?
Alsace-Lorraine (given to France) Hultschin (given to Czechoslovakia) West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia (given to Poland)
What land was taken under control of the League?
The Saar, Danzig and Memel. The people were allowed to vote to in stay in Germany or no in a future referendum.
What happened to Germany's oversea colonies?
The League took control of the them which effectively meant Britain and France.
What happened to Germany's other Military uses ?
Not allowed armored vehicles, submarines and aircrafts. Only have 6 battleships.
What happened to the Rhineland?
It became a demiliterised zone, no German troops were allowed into that area
When was the exact number for reparations agreed on?
The exact number was agreed in 1921
What was Germany forbidden to do?
Unite with Austria to from one superstate in attempt to keep her economic potential to a minimum.
What else was a vital economic loss of Germany?
The coal from the Saar and Upper Silesia?
What was Clause 231?
The 'War Guilt Clause' which meant that Germany had to admit full responsibility for starting the war
Where would the majority of the reparations from Germany go?
Mainly to France and Belgium to pay for the damaged infostructure of both countries by the war.
What was the treaty of St. Germain (1919)? For Austria
Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Romania would go to Italy. They weren't allowed a navy only 30,000 volunteers.
What happened with Austria after the Treaty of St. Germain was set?
They went bankrupt before the amount of reparations could be set. Austria joined the League in December 1920 The armed forces only got 30,800 soldiers
What was the Treaty of Trianon ? (Hungary, June 1920)
35,000 volunteers 3 patrol boats 200 million gold crowns The Austro-Hungarian empire was dismantled, neighboring countries like Poland and Romania couldn't find jobs bc of this.
What happened after the Treaty of Trianon?
They couldn't pay reparations, so they were suspended Hungary joined the League in September 1922 Armed forces were reduced to 35,000 men
What was the Treaty of Neuilly (Bulgaria 1919)
20,000 volunteers, 4 torpedo boats and no air forces 2.25 billions Francs Lan to Yugoslavia, Romania and Greece
What happened after Treaty of Neuilly?
Bulgaria paid its reparations Bulgaria joined the League in December 1920 They had to pay 90-100 million pounds of reparations
What was the Treaty of Serves? (Turkey 1920)
50,000 soldiers, 7 sailboats, 6 torpedo boats No reparations but the Allies took control of their finances Smyrna and East Thrace to Greece, Rhodes to Italy.
What happened to Turkey after the Treaty of Serves?
Joined the League in 1932 But had war guilt as well because they were allies with Germany
Why did USA not want to join the League?
Didn't want to join anything like that again bc they lost a lot of men during the war bc they joined Didn't want to spend money solving other people's problems The congress voted against it twice
What did it mean if America did not join the League?
Sanctions would not work without the USA Britain wouldn't have joined if they known that USA didn't.
Why did the American population not want to join the League?
They thought that the treaty of was unfair on German, and a lot of them had German ancestors. They also thought that it would be dominated by Britain and France and they didn't want that.
What did Woodrow Wilson want with the League?
For this 14 points to be included but Britain and France didn't agree with many of them.
What was the Washington conference in 1921?
USA, Britain, France and Japan agreed to limit the size of their navies
What was the Rapallo treaty in 1922?
The USSR and Germany was re-established as diplomatic velations
What was the Dawes plan in 1924?
Economic plan in Germany, Us lent money to Germany to help them reparation bills.
What was the Locarno treaties in 1925?
Germany accepted its western borders as set out by the Treaty of Versailles. This was greeted with enthusiasm with France and paved the way for Germany to join the League.
What was the Kellogg-Braind pact in 1928?
65 nations agreed not to use force to settle disputes, this also known as the pact of Paris.
What was the young plan in 1929?
It reduced Germany's reparations payments.
What did David Lloyd George want ?
To keep the empire and be able to rule some countries
What did Woodrow Wilson want?
He wanted his 14 points to be put into place
What did Clemenceau want?
Wanted Germany to pay and be punished for what they did
Why did Nicholson say it was appalling the way they were dealing with the problems?
They were cutting the world like 'cake'. He thought that they were being ignorant
When was the treaty signed?
June 28th, 1919 (5 years after Franz Ferdinand)
What did many people believe about the Treaty?
That is was rushed, they should have spent more time making the decisions
What had not been solved?
The disagreements between countries that contributed to the start of the war itself.
Why was the work of the peacemakers difficult?
There were hard decisions to make, seeing as everyone wanted different things from each other. This made it hard for them to work together and make a decision that they were happy with.
Why was the work of the peacemakers difficult?
It was an impossible task to complete, no one had to rebuild a world before. A lot of countries fast relied on them and they didn't really know what to do. They were also under a lot of stress from their own countries as well.
When was the crisis?
September 1931
What happened on the Railway owned by Japan?
There was an explosion which Japan used to their advantage.
What did Japan do after the explosion?
They started to get their troops to move into Manchuria and within 3 mounts they had spread throughout Manchuria
What did Japan do in Manchuria?
They set up a puppet government, this helped to cover up the acts of aggression and to keep northeast China permanently under their control
What did China do?
They appealed to the League for help, because they saw the invasion as a threat to peace.
What did the League do?
They took a long time to come to a decision of what do, they didn't have the USA which meant it was hard for them to make a decision and they didn't want to send people all the way to China.
When was the situation finally finished and how?
Finally in April, after the Manchuko was already fully established they sent Lytton to make a report and drew up a report that say that had to give Manchuria back to China.
What happened in February 1933?
They had a vote on weather this commission had to take place, the votes were 42 to and 1 against.
What did Japan do after the voting?
They rejected them and withdrew from the League a month later.
What did the wallstreet crash do to the disarmament conference?
It made all the countries care for themselves only because the shortage on money which made them less likely to participate
Why did the disarmament not been a priority in the 1920's?
Everyone was nice to each other seeing as the war was over and no one wanted to start another war.
Why was the situation different in 1932?
Increased pressure for the league to sort out problems, the Manchuria conflict made them thick more about disarmament.
Why was disarmament a sensitive subject for Germany?
Because Germany the Treaty made them disarm to numbers that were so low they might as well of taken everything away
Why did disarmament fail in the 1930's?
Doomed from the start, no one was really serious about it. France and Britain were divided on the topic and each country was looking out for themselves.