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lower limb: JOINTS

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lower limb: JOINTS

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Cecylia Ambroży

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hip bone: nony joint pubic symphysis: secondarily cartilaginous joint obturator membrane: syndesmosis sacroiliac joint: synovial joint

List joints of pelvic girdle and their type

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27 questions
Superior pubic lig. inferior pubic lig.
What ligaments are associated with pubic symphysis?
Interpubic disc
What structure can we find inside pubic symphysis?
Auricular surface of sacrum auricular surface of hip bone
Name bony elements forming sacroiliac joint
Acetabulum head of femur
Name bony elements forming hip joint
126 degrees
What is the correct inclination angle for femur that is not coxa valga or vara?
What ligament prevent hyperextension of hip?
Pubofemoral lig.
What ligament prevent excessive abduction of hip?
Ischiofemoral lig.
What ligament limit internal rotation of hip?
Tibiofemoral joint patellofemoral joint
What joints is knee joint made of?
Medial and lateral condyle of femur medial and lateral condyle of tibia
What bony elements make the tibiofemoral joint of knee joint?
Patellar surface of femur articular surface of patella
What bony elements make the patellofemoral joint of knee joint?
Meniscofemoral joint meniscotibial joint
Name joints related to meniscus
Internal and external rotation of knee joint occur mainly at meniscotibial joint
Flexion and extension of knee joint occur mainly at meniscofemoral joint
Subpopliteal bursa: tendon of popliteus/lateral condyle of femur
List bursa related to popliteus muscle and where it is located
They unwinde
What happens to cruciate ligaments during internal rotation?