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MB Chapter review

In English

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Statute law is also known as


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44 questions
What are two types of "discovery" and may occur in pre-trial process in BC?
Examination for Discovery and Discovery of Documents
"Let the former decision stand"
Stare decisis refers to the following prior. Decisions when the facts are substantially the same.
Ethical Codes of Conduct have the same force of law and statutes? True or false.
False, most ethical codes of conducts are created by professional associations. Members of those associations must agree to abide by the code of conduct as a condition of membership.
Two types of penalties that a professional organization disciplinary committee could impose on its members?
Reprimand, suspension from membership privileges, a monetary fine, paying for the costs of the disciplinary hearing, expulsion from membership, an order for complete disciplinary education.
Ethical Codes of Conduct have the same force of law as Statutes? True or false.
False, Ethical codes of conduct are voluntarily adopted by certain members of the public that have to be part of a professional association Members of the public do not have the choice of voluntarily adopting the obligations contained in the Statutes.
Fee Simple
Legal term for the maximum interest in land available to a person or the maximum of legal ownership. In many ways, ______ _____ is equivalent to absolute ownership.
Interests, property, estate
A Tenancy in Common is where 2 or more persons acquire ______ in a single ______ and each may sell or bequeath their interest. Additionally, in the event of death, their interest becomes part of their _______.
The right to have one's ground supported so that it will not cave in when an adjoining property owner makes an excavation is known as?
Profit a prendre
A right to take the produce or part of the soil from the lands of another lands.
Building Scheme
A ___ _____ refers to a group of restrictive covenants attaching to two or more lots with in a particular development plan, and which usually aims at ensuring a certain level of uniformity is maintained within a development.
A judgement, mortgage or lien or any other claim which is registered against the title to the land is what?
True or False. The dominant tenant is the land to which the benefit of a right is attached.
Servient Tenement
The land bearing the burden of an easement or other right (ie restrictive covenant).