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microbes in human welfare

In English

Created by:
sakhi rathore

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continuous addition of sugars in fed batch fermentation is done to

purify enzymes

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49 questions
What is streptococcus lactis used for
Adding flavour to the milk product
Rennet is used in
Cheese making
What are glomus ?
It is a mycorrhizal component
Biofertilizers include
BGA, rizobium,other nitrogen fixing bacteria and mycorriza
Biopesticides include
Virus, bacteria, protozoans, fungi and mites
Some biocontrol agents are
Trichoderma,baculovirus, baccilus thuringiensis.
Why is the bacteria pseudomonas useful
Decomposes a variety of organic compounds
Where are microbes used in the technological aid
Secondary treatment if sewage, anaerobic sludge digester, production of bioactive molecules
Examples of nif gene
Klebsiella pneumoniae, rhodospirillum rubum and phodobacter capsulatus
Biodecomposed insecticide
Bacillus thuringiensis
What will happen if oxygen availability to activated sludge flocs is reduced
Centre of flocs becomes anoxic death of bacteria and eventually breakage of flocs
The free living fungus trichoderma can be used for
Biological control of plant diseases
What are leghaemoglobin
These are oxygen scavengers and it protects nitrogen fixing enzyme nitrogenase from oxygen
Litmus and orcein are made from which type of lichens
Rocella montaignei and rocella tinctoria