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Mix units

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Krystal Pickard

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risk factors of cardiovascular disease

carbohydrate intolerance, lack of exercise, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heredity

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36 questions
Risk factors of cardiovascular disease
Carbohydrate intolerance, lack of exercise, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heredity
Which of the following factors would predispose a patient to acute pulmonary embolism
Recent hip surgery, thrombophlebitis, atrial fibrillation, recent childbirth.
Proper pad placement for defibrillation is:
Right of the upper sternum and left in an anterior axillary line over the apex of the heart
The chief complaint is best derived from:
The patient, either verbally or nonverbally
Vehicle collision
Check auto deformity for strength of impact
Body collision
If there is intrusion into the passenger compartment the injuries can worsen
Organ collision
Organs may twist and decelerate & tear at their attachment
Secondary collision
Objects travelling within the compartment
Additional impacts
Deflection into other cars may worsen injuries from initial impact
What are the path-ways that occur in frontal impacts
Down and under or up and over or ejection
The following is a good reason for using an MDI or nebulizer
1. less medication is needed because it reaches the exact site of action 2. the lower dosage means less chance of side effects 3. if there are any side effects, discontinuing the drug is easy
The following is TRUE regarding the elderly
2. renal output decreases 4. serum albumin decreases 5. total body water decreases
Teratogenesis refers to the
Effects of a drug on the developing fetus.
A drug the binds to a receptor and causes it to initiate the expected response
A drug the binds to a receptor but does not cause it to initiate the expected response
A drug that binds to a receptor and stimulates some of its effects but blocks others
A drug that relieves the sensation of pain
How drugs are transported into and out of the body
How a drug interacts with the body to cause its effects