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Neuromuscular System

In English
Neuromuscular System

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C.A McElhatton

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part of sarcomere. Dark. Stacked set of filaments along with the portions of the thin filaments that overlap on both ends of the thick filaments.

A band

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96 questions
Muscle shortens
Concentric muscle movement
Muscle lengthens.
Eccentric muscle movement
Can shorten and thicken
Muscle Contractibility
Can stretch when fibres relax
Muscle extensibility
(SR) Storage site for Ca2+
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
Somatic Nervous System
Skeletal Muscle is controlled by the....
ADP and phosphate ion
ATP decomposes to...
Motor unit
Motor neuron plus all muscles cells it innervates is called the...
Sarcoplasmic reticulum
Ca2+ stored in the....
Muscle fibre
Muscle cell also known as a
The fundamental, repeating, unit of the the myofibrils