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Parasitology identification

In English
Parasitology identification


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What is nematode 1?
What is nematode 1?

Trichuris vulpis- whipworm

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30 questions
What is nematode 1?
Trichuris vulpis- whipworm
What is nematode 3?
Haemonchus contortus
What is nematode 4?
Strongylus vulgaris
What is nematode 5?
Nematodirus battus
What is nematode 6?
What is nematode 7?
Trichinella spiralis
What is nematode 8?
Trichuris vulpis egg
What is nematode 9?
Nematodirus with an unusally large egg
What is protozoa 1?
Babesia divergens
What is protozoa 2?
Coccidiosis- Eimeria tenella
What is protozoa 3?
Hepatic coccidiosis- Eimeria stiedae
What is protozoa 4?
Tick- carrying Babesia
What are the life stages highlighted?
1- schizogony 2- gametogony 3- sporulation
What is protozoa 7?
Toxoplasma gondii
What is protozoa 8?
Giardia in dogs
What is protozoa 9?
Babesia canis
What is transmitted by this vector?
Leishmania as it is a sandfly
What is the parasite 1?
Fasciola hepatica
What is parasite 2?
Paramphistomum- rumen fluke
What is parasite 3?
Echinococcus granulosus
What is the species name in the different hosts?
Cow- taenia saginata, pig- taenia solium
What parasite caused this?
Coenurus cerebralis- cyst in sheep brain with dog as definitive host
What is parasite 9?
Cysticercus ovis- intermediate host of taenia ovis
What is this lesion?
Hydratid cyst- Echinococcus granulosus.