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What does a bone contain

store calcium and phsophate

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153 questions
What does a bone contain
Store calcium and phsophate
Production of blood cells
How many thorax
1 sternum 24 ribs
Bone to bone
Where is fat stores
Medullary cavity
What makes up the periosteum
Dense Irregular tissue
Name cranial bones
Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital , sphenoid, ethmoid
What are sutures
Immovable joins that hold the skull together
Name the sutures of the skull
Coronal, saggital , lambdoid, squamous
What does the vomer bone form
Inferior nasal septum
Functions of the vetebral column
Support head, attatchment point for ribs/pelvic gurdle/ back muscles, encloses and protects the spine
What makes up the thoracic cage
Sternum, costal cartilage, ribs, bodies of thoracic vertebrae
What makes up the pectoral gurdle
Clavical, scapula, acromium, coracoid process, glenoid cavity and humerous
What bones make up the upper arm
Ulna, Humerous, Radius, 8 Carpal, 5 metacarpal, 14 phalanges
What is the scaphoid
The easiest metacarpal to break in the hand, it attaches to the radius
What makes up the pelvic girdle
Sacrum, illium, pubis
What bones make up the lower leg?
Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Patella, 7 Tarsals, 5 meta tarsals, 14 phalanges
What is the calcanius
The heel meta tarsal
What is the talus
The most commonly broken meta tarsal in the foot- tibia puts the pressure on this
Function of the skeletal system
Support, movement, protection, store minerals, blood cell production, hearing
What is bone tissue made up of
Cells, collagen fibres and minerals
What is compact bone
Makes up diaphysis of long bone, composed of osteons, perforating canals
Define spongy 'trabecular' bone
Short, flat, irregular bones and epiphysis, red bone marrow
Name the tissues of long bone
Cartilage, periosteum, endosteum, articular cartilage
Name the regions of long bone
Diaphysis, epiphysis, mataphysis, medullary cavity
What part of the skeleton is the scapula in
Appendicular (pectoral girdle)
What does the coronal suture unite
Frontal and parietal bones
Sagittal suture unites what
Unites the parietal bones
What does the lambdoid suture
Parietal and occipital bones
What does the squamous suture unite
Parietal and temporal bones
External auditory canal
Canal in temporal bone, leads to middle ear
What does the temporal bone form
Inferior sides of cranium and part of cranial floor
Mastoid process
Side attachment for muscles
Styloid process
Anchors muscles and ligaments in toung
Name paranasal sinuses
Frontal sinus, sphenoid sinus, ethmoidal sinus, maxillary sinus
Functions of paranasal sinus
Warm and moisten air, make skull less heavy, sound of voice
Which vertebrae are movable
All except sacrum and coccxy
What are intervertebral discs
Outter ring is fibrocartilage, interior is soft elastic. Provide shock absorption
What is the false pelvis
Between the top of the illiac crests and the top of the pelvic brim
Osteoporosis factors
Alcohol, corticosteriod, low calcium/estrogen, smoking, sedentary life
Define syndesmosis
Immovable joint
Define amphiarthrosis
A slightly movable joint
Define diarthrosis
A freely movable joint
The types of synovial joints
Plane, hinge, pivot, condyloid, saddle, ball&socket
Define a plane joint
Atriculating surface is flat, bones glide back and forth and side to side, may rotate (between carpals and tarsals)
Define Hinge Joints
Convex surface fits into concave surface of another bone (elbow/knee/ankle)
Define pivot joints
Round/pointed surface fits into ring (radioulnar joint)
Condyloid Joints
Oval projection fits into oval cavity of another bone (wrist/metacarpalphalangeal joints)
Saddle joints
Example is carpometacarpal joint between trapezium and thumb
Define ball and socket joints
Shoulder and hip joints
What is growth assisted by
Growth hormone, IGF and sex hormones
Characteristics of skeletal muscle
Multinucleated, lots of mitochondria, containts transverse tubules, has myofibrils
Bundles of contractile filaments that give striated appearance (cardiac and skeletal)
WHat is actin
(thin filament) has tropomyosin and troponin proteins
Thick filament
The smallest contractile unit