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physics ocr quantum

In English

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daisy ngo

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define discrete

taking only certain values , not continuous

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19 questions
Define discrete
Taking only certain values , not continuous
Define electric field
A region of space around a charged particle in which another charged particle will feel a force
Define the volt
The potential difference between two points when one joule of work is done to move a charge of one coulomb
What is a photon?
A photon is a discrete packet of Electromagnetic energy
What is stopping voltage?
The smallest voltage which will prevent the photocurrent from flowing
What might electrons do to become more stable?
Spontaneously emit energy to move to the ground state
How does an LED work?
Work by accelerating electrons with an electric field to give them energy , they then release that energy as photons
How does frequency of the light effect the photoelectric effect?
The max kinetic energy of the photoelectrons increases as frequency increases
How does intensity of the light effect the photoelectric effect
The rate of emission of photoelectrons increase as intensity increases
What happens if a particle moves thorough a pd towards a plate of the same charge?
It will decelerate and if the deceleration is great enough particles will stop and reverse direction.
What is threshold frequency?
The minimum frequency required for photoelectrons to be emitted as the electron escapes form the metal
What is work function?
The energy required for an electron to escape from the surface of a metal
What is the relationship between photons and electrons?
One to one relationship , one electron absorbs one photon at once
How does voltage related to acceleration?
The bigger the voltage the faster the acceleration
What is the photon model of light?
States that light energy moves through space as discrete packets of electromagnetic energy