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physics ocr waves

In English

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daisy ngo

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define wavelength

distance between two identical successive points on a wave or the distance travelled before the wave repeats itself

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40 questions
Define wavelength
Distance between two identical successive points on a wave or the distance travelled before the wave repeats itself
Define wave
Transfer of energy from one place to another without any net transfer of matter
Define fundamental frequency
The lowest frequency , highest wavelength that can be produced
Define antinode
Maximum displacement
Define nodes
No displacement
Define coherent
When two waves have a constance phase relationship
Define diffraction
When a wave spreads out after passing around an obstacle or through a gap
Define refraction
When waves change direction when they travel from one medium to another due to different wave speed in each medium
Define reflection
When waves rebound from a barrier changing direction but remaining in the same medium
Define intensity
Power transmitted per unit area perpendicular to the direction of the wave propagation
Maximum displacement from a peak and rest position
Define displacement
Distance at any point of the wave from its rest position
Define frequency
The number of oscillations per unit time
Define period
Time taken for one complete pattern of oscillation to take place at any point
What happens when angle of incidence = critical angle
The wave will travel along the boundary of the material
What type of waves can be polarised?
Only transverse waves can be polarised as longitudinal waves do not have oscillations perpendicular to their direction of their travel.
What is a polarising filter?
A material which has crystalline material can cause the oscillating fields to happen in one plane only.
What controls the frequency of the vibrations of a string ?
The mass per unit length, tension and length of string
What happens when a stationary wave is formed?
Superposition occurs and a series of nodes and antinodes are produced
What conditions must occur for a stationary wave to be formed?
2 waves travelling in the opposite direction overlap. waves having the same frequency m wavelength and amplitude
What is the relationship between intensity and amplitude ?
Intensity is proportional to amplitude squared, as amplitude decreases by a factor of 2 then intensity will decrease by a factor of 4 (2^2)
What is a diffraction grating ?
A piece of optical equipment made from glass with many thousands of very thing ,parallel and equally spaced grooves
What happens if complete deconstructive interference occurs ?
Waves completely cancel out resulting is 0 displacement .
What is deconstructive interference?
When the displacement of the original waves subtract to give the resultant wave a displacement that is less than both original waves
What is constructive interference ?
When the displacement of the original waves added together give the resultant waves a displacement that is greater than both the original waves
What is the principle of superposition?
States that when two or more waves of the same type meet, the resultant wave can be found by adding the displacement of the individual waves
What is the saying for refraction?
Less to more towards (LESS dense to MORE dense medium results in direction more TOWARDS the normal)
What does it mean if two waves are in anti-phase?
When the waves are half a wave cycle out of phase (180)
What is a transverse waves
A wave that oscillates perpendicular to the direction of the wave
What is a longitudinal wave
A wave that oscillated parallel to the direction of the wave
What is a non-mechanical wave ?
A wave that does not need a medium to propagate in
What is a mechanical wave ?
Waves that need a medium to propagate in
What is the equation for refractive index?
Speed of light in vacuum (3x10^8) / speed pf light in material
What is snells law
N1xsin(angle of incidence)=n2xsin(angle of refraction)
What is the standing wave formulae?
Length = h x wavelength/2